October 15, 2011

The Sewing Summit Post

The Sewing Summit was awesome - full of friends, shopping, and most importantly, FUN!

From L to R: Me, Cherie, Angela & Karen

I got to hang out with my NOLA MQG ladies, and we were reunited with Angela for the first time since she moved in May! We roomed together, which was pretty much an awesome 3-day slumber party. And bonus, our hotel bill was really cheap once split 4 ways (read: more money for fabric). The rooms at Little America were huge and posh, so we didn't feel crammed at all. I meant to get a picture of our sweet hotel room, but there were so many fun distractions that I hardly took any pictures all weekend - oops!

Angela made these cute little felt spools with our names and alter egos on them...
...and a sweet bunting for decorating our room door/alcove.

P.S. Ray and I were laughing at how I look like an Amazon woman in that first photo, lol! I'm a full head taller than everyone else. And then I showed him the pictures below, and we were cracking up over my huge circus feet (I wear a size 11). I'm excited to have kids one day, but not the actual "squeezing the baby out" part. I'm 5'8" and Ray is 6'2" (plus my dad is 6'5" and I have those genes floating around in my pool somewhere), so I'm pretty much going to give birth to a sack of potatoes.  "Congratulations ma'am! You're the proud mom of a sack of Yukon Golds"

 Cara wears a 5. I wear an 11....

...her shoe fit neatly inside of mine, like Godzilla swallowing Tokyo.

There was much additional tomfoolery...

Shutterbugs Michelle and Angela

We were debating over whether my extreme nostril flare or her "dental exam" smile was worse, lol
Kaelin and me

Cara gracefully mounting a bike rack

...and attempting to "ride" it - Tour de France, here she comes!


This face is the epitome of Cara-ness! Adorable and mischevious ;)

We wandered around like lost puppies Sunday morning looking for an open restaurant. We accidentally slept through breakfast and I was ready to chew my arm off.

Karen made a new friend there, while Cara asked for him to be substituted into her breakfast "I'll have the french toast, except instead of fresh fruit, can I have bacon?" Love it.

None of us anticipated how dry the air would be in SLC and Angela's skin was cracking, so naturally she used a tampon after none of us could find a band-aid or napkin in our purses, LOL!

We're gonna submit this photo of Kristie to Mom's Gone Wild!
This must be how they do it in Canada  ::wink wink::
(photo swiped from Cara)

And lots of shopping, of course....

Our combined haul, including quilt shop purchases, swag bag goodies, and prize winnings!

My share of the mountain.

...not to mention eating!

We ran out to Material Girls during our 2 1/2 hour lunch break on Saturday, and made a little pit stop at the Rio Grande cafe next door. It was as awesome as everyone said!

Check out those freshly made tortillas! That dude stepped right into my picture. Side note...do you ever wonder what random stranger's vacation photos you're in? Some family in Sheboygan, Wisconsin probably has a photo of me in the background picking my nose in Disneyworld in their coffee table album, lol!

I had a Mexican Coke (yum! my favorite!) and Karen and I split the pork burrito - the sauce on it was mind-blowing!

And what's a shopping trip without dessert? There was a store in the little shopping center that melted candy bar pieces over your cookie of choice - YUM!

Yes please, I'll have one of everything...

But most of all, there were strengthened friendships and new friendships. Do you ever meet people, and instantly feel like you've known them for a lifetime, even though you've just met? I love that sense of immediate comfort and ease that comes with meeting "kindred spirits" like Michelle, Kristie, Cara, Jacey, Elena, Dana, Candice, Ali, and so many others this past weekend! My only regret is that I wasn't able to spend time with more of the people there, but there are only so many hours in a day :(

Our motley crew - Michelle, Me, Karen, Angela, Cherie and Cara - plus Megan, who I met for the first time at the end of the Summit! She seemed really fun and I wish I'd gotten to hang out with her more :(

And here's me headed home :( 

But at least I had an adorable new pouch from Jennifer to store my flight essentials in! It was the perfect fit for my ID, boarding pass and phone.


See you all next year!


It was fun! Looking forward to many more goofy times with my favorite fabric buddies ;)

Hahaha way to write up the funniest blog post about the Summit. Hilarious. Good to finally meet you!

Your website looks great! And your Sewing Summit write up was by far the best and most entertaining I've read on my reader. Too funny!!! I hope maybe I can go in another year once my youngest is 2. Thanks for the hilarious photos!

I agree. We needed much more time together, though that might have landed us in some trouble one way or another!

Did you redesign your blog? It looks AWESOME. <3

Ha ha, my word verification was "Swine"

What a great time!!! Thanks for sharing some funny photos in there:)

Still wallowing in self pity that I couldn't be there! I could have balanced out the picture since I'm 5'7"!

This is the funniest coverage of the summit I've read yet. And that mountain of swag!!! I sm so going next year!

What fun! My friend Kim and I soooo wanted to go to this but she couldn't get a decently-priced flight (very expensive out of Canada!). But it's an annual event, you say? Maybe next year!!!

Ooh that stash looks like a lot of fun!

You met Dana! She's in the DC Modern guild with me!

Also, I wear a size 11 shoes too!

It looks like you ladies all had a fantabulous time! And I have to say that I have always considered myself lucky...I'm 6 feet tall and only wear a size 10.5! (My mum is burdened with a 12 at the same height.)

So great to meet you at Summit! Can't wait to see what you make with all that loot from the shop hop!

I'll have to keep an eye out for next years .... I'm a failed blogger, but the conference seems like a lot of fun! My boyfriend insists that I must be the only person in the world under 50 who quilts ... it'd be so fun to go to a gathering of people nothing of the sort!

Kaelin, you are awesome. I adore you and your giant feet. If it makes you feel better, I wear a 9.5 or 10. Not quite there, but close! I'm so glad we got to meet. You and your posse are a lot of fun. ;)

Oh my goodness, you are too sweet! Yes, kindred spirits for SURE!! I am so lucky to be a real life friend now and have such amazing inspiration from you! Love how you summed up your experience- you make me smile, my friend :) Have a fantabulous day!!

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