October 24, 2011

Sweet Caroline Quilt

Remember the last-minute present I was working on last week? Weeeelllll the thing is, I bit off a little more than I could chew when choosing the pattern (the Stamps version of Elizabeth Hartman's More Simple Modern Baby Quilts), so I didn't finish it until Saturday morning.

I finished basting it late Thursday night, and was fully prepared to pull an all-nighter in order to finish in time for the baby shower on Friday. But the hubby intervened and told me I was being a mad woman...and I chose to listen to the voice of reason for a change. My hubby takes such good care of me :)

I did, however, stick the basted quilt in a baby-themed gift bag and bring it to the shower. And before she "unwrapped it", I stood up and yelled across the room "it's not finished! I just didn't want you to think I didn't get you anything!" And when we were all standing around looking at it at the end of the shower, one of my coworkers said "this is an interesting way to finish it *makes face*...what's this weird flannel stuff sticking out of the ends?" Apparently I'll have to scream a little louder next time (which shouldn't be a problem, because I'm pretty much a megaphone with legs).

The binding is Nicey Jane Welcome Road in Pink, and the backing is from Denyse Schmidt's newest collection for Joann's. I'm totally in love with the back of this quilt! I'm not usually a fan of pastels, but this Sugar Creek print is pretty freaking fantastic...I had my friend Kelly run to her local Joann's and pick up 5 more yards for me because it's the perfect baby quilt fabric. I'm kind of regretting not getting the whole bolt.

Aren't the colors delicious? I named this quilt Sweet Caroline because I kept singing that song while I was making it....the colors make me think of candy and sunshine and fluffy bunnies munchin' on clovers :)


How sweet. The green in the backing fabric is gorgeous (well the whole thing is gorgeous actually). What a super lucky baby! I'm sure it was well received. Jacinta

Haha -- what's this weird flannel stuff -- guess your co-worker's not a quilter, huh? Cute story, pretty quilt! :)

It looks lovely, worth all the last-minute panic. Anyone would be delighted to know that this was on the way :)

Haha! Don't you just love people who don't pay attention to what you say? But, regardless, I'm sure it looked great even with that "weird flannel stuff", and it looks fabulous now! What a lucky coworker!

Now how could they not listen to your directions? You're so intimidating. ;)

It's gorgeous! That quilt is going to be loved so much, and I bet the little girl you made it for will be picking out her favorite fabrics for years.

that's my fav print from the line too :) I have 7 yeards :) let's get a bolt and split it :) so fun- if only we lived closer :) LOVE the quilt!!! just gorgeous--

That backing really is awesome! Your friend is so nice to go pick up more for you! ;-)

Love it! It's so cute, and that fabric is bloody gorgeous!! Why, why, why don't we have Joann's here??? I'd buy a truck load of this :)

Adorable!!! I love that DS print...the whole quilt is fab. Lucky baby :)

It's absolutely perfect. It is "Sweet Caroline!" It's like having two quilts because it looks like two tops put together!

I love the new look of your blog. Not sure how new it is, but I'm behind on my blog reading.

Lovely quilt!

It is beautiful, very sweet colours!

Response for the co-worker who assumed it was finished: "Well, I'm sure back in your grandmother's day they did things differently, but I am a MODERN quilter. I am not bound by such constrictions as 'form' or even 'function.' I simply make. Now that you are enlightened, I will make something for you." :)

I love love love these colors & am lamenting the fact that there is no Jo-Ann's within 100 miles of me. But there are online purchases....! Woo!

That backing is indeed wonderful. And I've been giggling about "megaphone with legs" all day. Your hubby is a wise, wise man. We all need someone to talk sense into us every now and again...

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