October 27, 2011

The sweet, sweet taste of victory

Me and my redheaded self are doing a merry little Irish jig in the living room right now. I finally found a copy of 318 Patchwork Patterns by Kumiko Fujita yesterday, and Ayumi was kind enough to have it shipped to her house. She's going to forward it to me in the States, and I'm beyond ecstatic.

I love Ayumi's blog and have read it for a few years now, but she doesn't know me from Adam. How incredibly nice is she to help a stranger get a book from half-way around the globe? I love quilters :)

I can't wait to get my claws on this book and get sewing! Tell you what, Ray's gonna have a time dragging me out of my quilting lair once it arrives.


You are so welcome, Kaelin!! By the way, you weren't a stranger to me! I've always adored your creations on flickr and on your blog!! So glad to be able to help a good friend ;) I'll tell Kumiko Fujita about you when I see her next month!

Kaelin I am sure you will love it! It feels like half of Flickr is looking for this book too so how wonderful to find a copy!

Please,where did you find this book? I have been hunting for it for days!!!

How the heck did you find this book? I've been looking for a copy for a while and I would have said it was next to impossible.

Oh my stars, girl!! I WANT one- I've been searching, but no way in you know where gonna pay the $156 that the girl on Artfire wants! Oh man- tell me how many fingers you had to sell to pay for this :) hehe! I am soooo jealousm and doing the happy dance right there with ya!! I KNOW Ayumi doesn't know me- drat :) I'm dreaming about this book of wondermous!!!!

oh you're lucky indeed Kaelin everyone is on the lookout for this book! I am sure you will love it! Can't wait to see what wonderful things you'll make with these patterns.

Ohhh, that looks stinking cute! Have fun!

Well done you! It's on a lot of our wishlists and I thought there was more chance of finding a quilt shop in the UK selling the whole of FMF, Mendocino, and Uptown at cheap as chips prices... :-)

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