October 10, 2011

There's a new sheriff in town.

In keeping with this post (which was inspired by this story), I have a new policy when it comes to fabric purchases. Because I don't want to go back to the "bad place" where fabric is popping out of every corner of my house and hanging from the rafters like monkeys (...in the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey...), I've decided that every time I make a new fabric purchase, something else has to go.

And since I bought some new fabric during the Sewing Summit (more to come on that later - I had such an awesome time with my gal pals!), somethin's gotta go!

Out with the old...(now in my Etsy shop)

...and in with the new! I couldn't resist the Riley Blake Halloween prints you see on the left. They were already 25% off, and then Material Girls offered all Summit participants a flat 25% off their purchase, so I ended up getting them for a little over $1/each!!! Can't beat that price with a stick.

And these are some more of my new fabrics, but they don't count because I swapped for them.

Did I tell you all about the Fat Quarter swap I helped organize at the Sewing Summit? I can't remember...

Anywho, a while back I had the idea that it would be fun for a big group of us to swap fabric in person. We've been doing it for so long online, that it only seemed right we should finally get together and swap in person :)

We had over 50 people respond, so unfortunately we had to limit it to fat quarter cuts for the sake of time and ease :( Everyone brought their fat quarters to our hotel room the night before the swap so that my lovely fabric assistants could sort them, and we handed over raffle tickets for each FQ they brought.

(picture swiped from Angela)

The next evening we laid out all the fabric according to color, and everyone showed up to shop and "purchase" fabric with their tickets.

I'd like to give a BIG thanks to my lovely swap volunteers, who really did most of the work...

...and to all the wonderful participants, who put up with my laundry list of rules and made this such a fun event :)

I wanted to thank everyone for being so awesome, so I made arrangements with some great online quilt shops for prizes! We used the ticket stubs our swappers turned in at the "checkout" to draw for some lovely fabric goodies at the end, including a 2 lb. scrap pack from Cynthia at Fabricworm, some Kona and Moda fabric bundles and charm packs from Whipstitch, a lovely custom FQ bundle put together by my friend Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics, and a book of sewing & quilting patterns donated by some of my favorite bloggers :)

Not to mention a sweet $20 gift certificate from Kristin at Sew, Mama, Sew!, plus a FQ bundle from Hawthorne Threads of the entire Lizzie line by Anna Griffin! I was stoked when AnneMarie won the FQ bundle, because she's got a bambino on the way and the Lizzie line is so sweet and perfect for baby projects :)

More to come on the rest of our Sewing Summit shenanigans... ;)


the large group swap is a wonderful idea.
looks like a lot of fun

You are such a whirlwind of activity! Looks like a great swap!

It's like a knife in my heart every time I read a Summit blog post, but I can't help myself! I need to know every detail of what I missed! Nothing is stopping me from coming next year! Come hell or high water I'm going to be there!

I wait with bated breath to hear more tales of the Summit. That swap looks awesome!

Woot! Snagged your Byzantine!

I can't wait to see more from the summit, I'm so going next year if it's repeated.

Kaelin, you are seriously awesome. I am so glad we met, and I wish there had been more time to hang out! Your swap was a huge success. I still can't believe how civilized everyone was during the swap. No elbows in the face, but I was ready, just in case. ;) Heart you, friend!

Kaelin this was so awesome! You did a wonderful job putting this together. Thanks so much!

You are amazing- just as always :) I was more than thrilled to finally meet my friend in rel life!! I am so lucky to know you :)

SO great meeting you Kaelin! And great job organizing the swap. That's exactly what I told Lindsay in the email today - saying I could make a TON of stuff with the Lizzie bundle for the little babe. It's the absolute perfect line!

PS I always love a good Beck reference in a blog post... :)

Looks like it was fun. I am jealous!

I just wanted to comment on the Beck reference (ehem, a few days late). Love him.

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