November 14, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings

Here's to weeks that start with giant packages of fabric! Happy Monday to me :)

As you can see, I got some tasty new fabric treats in the mail today - a friend sent me some yardage of these seeds prints from her LQS - yay! Before that I only had one FQ of the yellow print (which I'm now destashing)

And these are some prints I picked up from since they posted a 25% off coupon on their Facebook page last week - whoo hoo! I picked up my favorite Ta Dot, some more Aviary and Heirloom, and the ubercool dots from the new So Sophie line. I'd been eyeballing them online for a while, and I have to say, they're even cuter in person! I love when that happens...and I love My Mind's Eye - some of my favorite prints ever (like the Wishing Flowers) are from them :)

And per the new policy, here's what's going "out" in the Etsy shop!

I have a 1/2 yard bundle of Folksy Flannels (for super cheap!)...

...and some scrap bundles (by color), Riley Blake Wheels, Modern Meadow, Good Folks, and a handful of hard-to-find fabric like the seeds and some Heather Ross.

As always, the code is PLAIDSCOTTIE10 for 10% off


What a blessing you received. For a chance to win more fabric, stop by

off topic:

I was looking for a piggy bank for my 2 year old and came across this.

I thought of you :)

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