November 27, 2011

Black Friday

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? I'm still feeling a bit sluggish from all the food I ate - is it possible to have a food hangover?

But more importantly, how was your Black Friday shopping (especially the quilting-related kind)? Are you a rabid shopper that lines up at midnight? Or a sit-back-and-watch-the-mayhem kinda person?

I'm in the latter category - I have more fun wandering around and soaking in the mayhem (by the way - did you all see this crazy story? Hope she enjoys those aggravated assault charges....people are nuts!) The hubby and I had some birthday gift cards to spend, so we woke up at a normal hour and braved the mall to pick up a few items while everything was on sale. We parked far away instead of cruising for hours for a prime spot, and wandered around the mall holding hands and people watching. Then we went home after a few hours, ate Thanksgiving leftovers, and watched Christmas movies. All in all, it was a great day :)

I knew Joann's would be insane on Friday and there was no way I was gonna stand in line at an understaffed cutting table for hours, plus the deal I really wanted didn't start until Saturday ($1.99/yard Quilter's Showcase prints), so I waited until Saturday morning. The place was a graveyard, and I was in and out within 45 minutes. I snagged some seriously good deals:

I had one of those coupons for 25% off your total purchase, so for $40 and some change I got: 2 giant spools of Gutterman thread (buy 1, get 1 free), 2 large buttons (buy 1, get 1 free), 1 24" zipper, 2 yards of gray houndstooth, 4.5 yards of Daisy Mae, and 10 yards of lightweight fusible interfacing.

The houndstooth is for my mom's Christmas present. Love of houndstooth is a genetic trait passed on from parent to child in our family. My grandmothers, mom, dad, sister, and myself all share a robust love of houndstooth.

I had a coupon for 50% off one item, so I grabbed the yardage of the Denyse Scmidt Daisy Mae to use as backing for a new quilt I'm working on....

 ...and in case you all are partial to Denyse's new line for Joann's, from Dec. 1-3 all Premium Quilting Cottons (including all the DS Quilts lines) will be on sale for 40% off. And if you have a VIP Card, you can get another 10% off that price. Score!

I also ordered these ribbons from Stitch Steals early last week, and they arrived on Friday. Once I figured in shipping, I ended up getting them for $0.75 a spool. Can't beat that with a stick!

So what did you all score on Black Friday? Any awesome deals from Joann's/Hancocks/Hobby Lobby/Local quilt shops you wanna share?!

And as per the fabric policy, here's my "out" pile for the shop. I've got some AMH Garden Party, Amy Butler & Denyse Schmidt Home Dec, Heather Ross, and some out of print Alexander Henry Noah's Ark. Most everything's listed at $5/yard, and as always, you can use the coupon PLAIDSCOTTIE10 for 10% off anything in my shop :)

By the way, since I've started my new in/out policy, I've been getting fewer cracks from the hubby about how, "if it were up to you, all of our money would be spent on fabric and I'd be naked in a corner somewhere" LOL! So yeah, I'm using that as my gauge for success on breaking the fabric addiction ;)


Nice haul at Joann's! May need you to be my fabric mule for some DS during that sale....

Was going to buy your DS home dec in yellows, along with the princess and the pea, but APPARENTLY you discriminate against Canadians...won't let me purchase as you don't have a Canada shipping option listed! ;) Lemme know if you can update it, eh? We Canucks need fabric, too, lol!

Thanks for the DS Quilts tip! I'm hoping I can find some at the JoAnn's that's a little farther away than my local one. Wish me luck!

I wish we had a Joanns! My LQS has been closed since Tuesday, and while I can't blame her for staying home with her kiddos, I seriously had a fabric-shopping need! Did you see the newsletter from Hawthorne Threads? I just way too much fabric, but I couldn't pass up $5.40/yd when I need 11 yds of backing for a king sized quilt. And of course, the tiered pricing made it even better! Can't wait to see what you do on Cyber Monday!

I spent 3 hours at Joann's on Friday for flannel. The cutting line was ridiculous! I grabbed a number when I got there and was a whole letter behind where they were. If I wasn't there for that deal I wouldn't have waited. I did meet a woman who is in the quilt guild here, so that was a bonus. She gave me some info and I will probably be joining them in January when they start up again!

I'm sure Saturday was just as crazy because of all the Canadians in town taking advantage of Black Friday deals.

I did go to a locally owned yarn shop and quilt shop on Friday too for their deals. The quilt shop was offering 20% off of your entire purchase, so I picked up a few things.

Well, so far your stash in/out policy is having an IN effect on my stash! Thanks Kaelin. Can't wait till you go shopping again. hehe. I don't seem to have a problem shopping on your Etsy site with a Canadian address.

Lots of goodness! I did not buy a single thing on Friday or Saturday, but my only excuse was that I was out of town, and not around any fabric stores. Hope you had a fun holiday! And happy late birthday, if I didn't already wish you one!

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