November 17, 2011

Pouchie Love

I've been a little quiet on the blog front lately (which is pretty much the only area of my life where I'm ever quiet...Angela and Karen can vouch for that *wink*), because I've been frantically sewing Christmas presents for my family and numerous other secret projects that can't be revealed on here. One thing that I did forget to mention, is that I received the most gorgeous Echino pouch from Rebecca last week! She was my secret partner in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap, and she totally nailed my style!

There's a little snap closure pocket on the front (which is incredibly convenient for storing receipts).

And on the inside of my pouch, she tucked in a voile sunglasses case (since I live in the year-round sunshine of New was 70 degrees yesterday), a folding needle case, a Thor card for the hubs (he was SO excited), and some treats for me and Mr. Whiskers which were eaten long ago (some Reese's Cups and doggie treats...just to clarify - I ate the Reese's and Whiskers ate the dog treats).

Here's a better shot of the little origami needle case. LOVE it! It's really gonna come in handy, because I like to carry portable sewing tools with me for wardrobe emergencies at work. I can't tell you how many times I've fixed tears and missing buttons on my coworker's suits. In fact, a month after I was promoted into my new unit this summer, I ended up having to stick my hand down my boss' dress (lol!) and sew the top button back on her shirtdress because it was gaping open and exposing her bra. Did I mention we were also driving down the interstate in my coworker's minivan on our way to a lunch meeting while I was doing this? So yeah. Portable sewing kits are a must-have. And so are bosses with a good sense of humor :)

All of your handmade goodies will be much loved and used. Thanks Rebecca :)


The pouch is so cute! I really like the front enclosure-very clever addition! I love the sewing kit, too. Your story of mending on the road is hilarious!

I'm envious that you were the one to get Becca's pouch! Not that I was in this swap, but still...

I once cut my boss's hair while at work (a restaurant, not a salon). But I can't believe you did that in motion!

How gorgeous is your new swap loot! I did a swap once and was warded off! I'm so glad you have received something so lovely. Jacinta

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