November 5, 2011

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

I love tiny wee pouches so much, that I broke my "no swaps for a year" rule again *sheepish grin*. I signed up for Kelly and Michelle's Pretty Little Pouch Swap because it's one of my favorites!

I just finished my pouch for my partner, and I'm proud of myself because I actually finished two whole days ahead of the mailing deadline. That's gotta be some kinda record for me :)

I love playing with texture and odd techniques, and I've been wanting to try my hand at finding a way to "weave" fabric without having a bunch of raw seams. My solution was buttonholes! I made a total of 42 buttonholes on each side of the pouch so that I could weave fabric strips in and out....I kinda screwed the pooch on the placement of the buttonholes on the alternating rows, because I off-set them instead of directly lining them up with the previous row. Oh well. Things still turned out okay (I think) - hopefully my partner likes it because I saw a lot of linen and rainbow colors in her mosaic and photostream :)


What a lot of work you gave yourself, but it looks great and two days ahead of schedule too!!

That is really, really cool!! :)

Very very cool! What a great idea!!

I'll repeat Kelly... Dude. seriously.

I think this is fantastic!!

Genius idea! The finished pouch is just adorable.

Are you kidding me!!! We want a tutorial or a pattern for purchase it's a brilliant idea!

i really hope it is mine! it is a beautiful pouch!

very clever, creative, and fun !

That.Is.Awesome!!! Great job :)


I saw that you made it as a contestant for sew-vivor ~ looking forward to seeing what you sew!

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