November 8, 2011

True Love

True love isn't Twilight...or Pride and Prejudice...or even The Notebook, because none of those characters have to do "normal people" things like grocery shop, clean up after dogs that barf up their own poo, or scrub toilet seats (seriously? how do men make that big of a mess within a week?)

True love is when your husband walks in the house and catches you singing "And I Am Telling You" at the top of your lungs, jazz hands and all. And after laughing with you for 5 minutes and revealing he could actually hear you from the time he pulled in the driveway, sincerely tells you he thought it sounded good.

True love is when you get a surprise migraine while shopping at Target, and as you're leaned over a bag in the car dry-heaving the whole way home, your husband tries to make you laugh by quoting Bridesmaids "LOOK AWAY! I SAID LOOK AWAY!"..."Are you sure, it wasn't that gray kind of lamb?"..."I'm not sick! In fact, Helen, I'm hungry and I wish I had a snack." (side note: god bless those plastic bags from Target. Don't you just love how sturdy they are? I have a hoard of them under my kitchen sink that I re-use for everything under the sun)

True love is when your hubby agrees to climb into an attic in the middle of a sweltering New Orleans summer because you think one of your sewing accessories might be in a box up there, and upon climbing back down empty-handed and sweaty, only gives you a raised eyebrow instead of a 10 minute lecture.

And true love is most definitely when, upon coming out of the gym your husband works at after a morning workout, you find this note on the seat of your car...

(Me Me is what we sometimes call each's part of a long inside joke)

How did I get so lucky? :)


How sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

Lucky indeed. That stuff (true love) is too rare. sounds like you have a really keeper, there!

That IS true love. You are so very lucky. So few find true love. Hold on tight, right?!

Aw. So sweet! (your Bridesmaids references made me laugh and laugh - "here, have a jordan almond.")

Love hearing that it's really possible! and I love hearing such a positive and loving post dedicated to your husband!

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