December 4, 2011

Holiday Cookie Swap

So. My friend Jacey (who, by the way, is one of those incredibly sweet people that you love instantly upon meeting) and I have been trying to arrange a get-together in her hometown of Houston. The hubby and I have been working to find a weekend when we can drive over to Houston and visit her (and her new fiancee!!!), but nothing has worked out so far. We were originally supposed to go the first weekend in November to see one of my favorite bands, The Boxer Rebellion, and meet up with them, but the concert was cancelled at the last minute (boo!)

Then Jacey invited me to a cookie swap her family was having this weekend, and I was super excited because I'd heard about cookie swaps before, but had never actually been to one. It looked like we had the green light to go, but then my hubby found out he had to help set up/tear down for the member Christmas party at his work this weekend (the gym where he works has tens of thousands of members, so it's a pretty big deal), so the Houston trip flew out the window (double boo!)

I held a big pity party for myself when I realized I wasn't gonna get to see Jacey or eat holiday cookies, so I decided to eliminate half my sorrow and arrange my own cookie swap! I had everything all set up and was proudly surveying my house before everyone arrived, when I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of our house since we bought it! What better time to take photos, than when my house is squeaky clean and decorated for the holidays?

This is our living room area. The front half of the house is one big room, with the living room area on the right (where the front door is), and the dining area over to the left. (I took this picture from the dining room if that helps with perspective)

Oh, and normally that carved cherry table is next to the rocking chair, but I pulled it over by the footstool in case there was overflow from the dining table. Thankfully we all fit at the table, and no one (i.e. me) had to eat on the sofa!

You can barely see it, but the front door is just to the right of the TV. Sadly we don't have a fireplace like in our old apartment, so the stockings are dangling from the TV stand, lol! They may have to be relocated, however, because Mr. Whiskers has already made a run at them...we caught him chewing Ray's Sorcerer's Apprentice stocking under the tree *sigh*

And this is the dining area (I was leaning on the sofa when I snapped this). Please excuse the ugly brown curtain to the right of the table. It was there when we bought the house, but I can't replace it with curtains to match the AMH Drawing Room ones until I find a specific silk dupioni. The AMH curtains were in our old apartment and I sewed some lovely blue-gray dupioni to the top and bottom. Unfortunately, when I went back to buy more for the other window (months later once we'd bought our house), Joann's had sold out permanently. Yeah. Crap. I've been carrying a swatch around in my purse for months, with no luck. I hate that brown curtain with a fiery passion.

But on a positive note, I had a really good time at our cookie swap (and hopefully everyone else did too!). One of my new friends from our local MQG, Heather, brought those amazing sandwich cookies you see on the bottom tier. They tasted like chewy Oreos, and I could have eaten about 30 of them. Ray loved them too....what is it about men and homemade cookies? Heather said she was practically chasing her husband away with a stick the night before, but he still managed to snag a whole plate of them, lol! And my hubby ate the 3 I got from the swap about 10 seconds after walking in the door. He got back from setting up at the gym, opened the back door, and shouted into the house "so where are all these supposed cookies!?" The sandwich cookies and strawberry swirl ones lasted all of 5 seconds, and whatever milk was left in the fridge also went the way of the West.

It's always a dogfight for sweets in our house, but fortunately, I married a gentleman and he usually lets me win...usually ;)


cookies & Sweets are my weakness...

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Your home looks very cozy. You should try to find a fireplace DVD to play on your TV. Next best thing! We exchange handmade ornaments at cookie parties here. Have a very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings you fat quarters.

That cookie party sounds like fun. I also am fireplace-less and tree-less, so my decorations go on my TV unit too lol

Hope you get to see your friend in the new year :o)

I've never heard of a cookie swap before. Sounds like lots of fun. I love your home too - so cosy. Even though we no longer have a chimney I have a fire place because when I redid the living room I had a fake one put in and it has a little electric fire in the centre that we don't really use for heat but it does look pretty when the flicker effect is put on. I've never worked out how best to hang stockings though so they kind of sit on the hearth!

Wow Kaelin your house is so pretty! I love the tree and your dining room look gorgeous! I'd love to sit on the comfy sofa and help you eat those cookies ;)

So Fun!! I love your house an the coziness of Christmas- just the BEST, isn't it??!! :) Have you checked online at joanns- sometimes they have older stuff there?? Maybe?? Keeping my fingers crossed!

Your place look so nice! Have you tried silk baron for your dupioni? He's pretty good with swatches and has billions of colours. Ok, maybe not billions, but lots! One day I want to make a silk quilt from his stuff.

Check out Promenade Fine Fabrics on st Charles for your fabric if you haven't already. Sounds very familiar to what my friend used for her wedding dress and she got it there but it was years ago.

Your house is so pretty all decorated!! I've got my cookie exchange on Thursday and will be coming home with 12 dozen. They better not disappear overnight!

I was sad, too! I'm glad you made the most of your weekend. Your cookies look delicious!! We'll hang out soon. It's going to work out eventually. :)

Ooh, and your house! It's so cute, Kaelin. I love your happy tree!

I have been to a few cookie exchanges and they seem to have an ornament exchange on top of the cookies :)

Yummo!I love the idea of a cookie swap, and I think it works well in all climates around Christmas time, although Ive never heard of them being held in Australia.

I wonder if an online recipe swap could work?

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