December 7, 2011

Goodie Bag Swap, Round 2

I received my new bag from my partner wen_ot in the Goodie Bag Swap yesterday! I took photos as soon as I got home from work today, because I'm anxious to cram all my stuff in there and start using it! This bag is so perfectly me...I love the wool, the cute wonky yellow stitching, and especially the "secret" front pocket :)

That little hole in the front isn't just a cool design element - it's a giant pocket! I'm going to keep my phone, iPod, and a few other frequently used items in there :) My brother-in-law thought this bag was about the coolest thing since sliced bread....I think that concealed pocket in the front was transporting him back to his Hardy Boys mystery days, lol.

And he was even more impressed when I told him it was reversible. And because Wendy thinks of everything, she put a cute summery print on the inside so that I can use my new bag year round! The striped fabric is a really thin, soft cotton that's perfect for the blazing inferno summer days down here in New Orleans :)

Thanks Wendy! I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That secret pocket is pretty rad (as Michelle would say). :)

That is very cool, the pocket is fantastic!

It's awesome! I love the stitching around the secret pocket, and the pocket itself. The lining is cool, too!

Wow, that circle pocket is brilliant!!!

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