December 9, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I got off work early today because we had our big office Christmas party, and as I was stuck for 30 minutes behind a train 2 blocks from my house (grr!), I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my extra spare time! I thought about getting started on the 7 Christmas presents I still need to make, or posting my new holiday bunting tutorial on here, or doing the pile of dishes in my sink. But ultimately, I decided to crash on the sofa and catch up on my backlogged shows on Hulu Plus. Until...

...I pulled up to my house and found my Savvy Seasons swap package on my porch, which included some delicious homemade cookies!!!! The plan was then modified to include sofa + Hulu Plus + blogging + cookies + hot chai (my friend gave me this delicious new brand at Whole Foods called Festivus - yum!)

Do you like how I skillfully kept the packaging intact, while managing to squeeze a cookie (or two) out through the tiny opening? What can I say...I was born with talent, lol!

And my favorite? The little fabric fortune cookie she attached, which had a teeny little "To & From" tag tucked inside. So creative! My partner was Nancy (who is one of my readers - yay!), and I can't believe the amount of care and detail she put into my package - it makes me want to try so much harder on all of my swap packages, because I want to make all my partners feel as special as packages like this make me feel :)

They recently extended the mailing deadline to the 14th (thank goodness!) and I haven't mailed my box yet, so I'm looking forward to spending some extra time on my swap partner. Hopefully I'm able to make things for my partner that are as cute as these...

A sweet bunting note card...

A precious wee fabric Scottie ornament.

An absolutely adorable scrappy Christmas tree skirt! I've been dying for a handmade tree skirt to replace the crappy one I bought at an after-Christmas sale a few years ago, and this one looks so lovely under our tree (it matches the rug perfectly!)

I was laughing out loud to myself while laying underneath the tree with the lights shining in my face, because I kept thinking of that line from A Christmas Story "Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window".....hahaha!

But that's not all! She also added some cute plaid towels to go with the Christmas/Scottie/Plaid Scottie theme. They're now being proudly displayed on my oven :)

Thanks for the beautiful and incredibly thoughtful package Nancy, and I love that I got to know you a little better through all these gorgeous handmade goodies :)


The Scottie Dog ornament was so thoughtful!!! A+++++++ for Nancy!!!

so fun! and those cookies look dang yummy :) your mouse- i am having a brain fart and can't remember his name- all i can remember is Emille's - Ha!- is so so cute on your stove :)

So gorgeous, really cute swaps!! Your house looks lovely and Christmassy!

I'm so glad you like it all! Merry Christmas!

Wow! Love that tree skirt and the scottie ornament especially. Makes me want to do a swap! :)

You can get one of those leg lamps from Neat stuff! I've got to make a tree shirt one of these years.

Such a fun swap package! I love the fortune cookie detail and the scottie ornament!

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