December 14, 2011

Savvy Seasons Swap 2011

I've been working on this for quite a while, but it kept slipping my mind to take I'm just gonna jump right in with both feet and show you the finished product!

My secret partner requested a table runner that could be used throughout the winter, and not just during Christmas (which is really good, because she'd only have gotten a week's worth of use out of it!), so I went with a winter snowman theme. The snowman block is 12", the two Winter Woolies blocks are 6" x 12", and the whole shebang measures roughly 18" x 38".

I've actually had this project sketched out since the day I got my partner assignment, but I had a devil of a time deciding on fabrics. I wanted to use linen, plus a mixture of traditional Christmas colors and a splash of blue. Coordinating those four things wasn't too difficult, but what really complicated matters was the tiny piecing. I needed to find red, green and blue prints that matched, plus in a small enough scale to show up well with the paper piecing. I finally settled on the three diamond prints from Kate Spain's Flurry line for the binding and sashing, a cute blue & white dot print that resembled snow for the snowman + Winter Woolies background, and another Flurry print called Nordic Winter Stripe for the back (which I love, love, love!). The hat and scarf are from an old Caleb Gray Groove print, and the green glove print is one I picked up a while ago at Joann's from the fat quarter rack.

Don't you just love Kerry's Winter Woolies block pattern? Everything she makes is so stinkin' cute! I added a wee little button on top of each toboggan instead of appliqueing the little ball on.

Here's a closeup of all that tiny paper piecing. Kerry's pattern is very easy to follow, and I promise it's not nearly as hard as it just takes some time :)

And I'm really loving this little guy because he looks like a stack of puffy marshmallows! I made him using 2", 3", and 4" snowball blocks, then added some free motion stick arms and button eyes.

And here's a shot of that Nordic Stripe print I love so much. I bought just enough to back this, but I'm gonna have to go back and snag some more for myself now. I don't know if you all have used this line or not, but it's SO stinking soft!

 And just for good measure, I threw in some kitchen towels because you can never have enough of them.

Here's my whole package ready to go out....the runner, kitchen towels, two fat quarters, various Flurry scraps, Coffee Crisp candy bar (I blame Kristie for getting me addicted to those!), and a cute notepad of two ladies eating cake that says "it's ok, it's organic!". Because as we all know, even cake is magically transformed into a health food when it's organic *wink*.

Hope you like it partner!


can you buy coffee crisp?

in NC you cannot and its not a canadian bar that i miss but there are others :)

love the runner! very cute

You can buy them in New Orleans, but I'm not sure if they're legal or not here because the store where I buy them also sells Kinder Eggs, which are illegal to sell in the entire U.S. (the toys inside are considered a choking hazard). Legality doesn't stop people from selling a lot of things down here, lol!

cute table runner! i just bought Kerry's pattern yesterday because I want to make something myself with it. I can't even decide yet.

EPPP! so cute- i have been drooling over Kerry's pattern- you may have broken the camel's back :) hehe! your partner is one lucky gal!

Ok I'm laughing to myself because you called a toque a 'toboggan'. Obv neither of those things are required in NOLA!!!, so totally understandable winter word exchange there, which is adorable.. I just love the runner that you made and I'm betting your partner will, too!

We always called them toboggans growing up, so just to make sure I wasn't crazy and mixed up, I googled it. Apparently only in the Midwest and Appalachia (especially in the southern part - smack in the middle of where I grew up) do they use the term toboggan....which is probably why I sound like a lunatic to the rest of the world, lol! Leave it to us to make up our own words :)

That is such a gorgeous set of lovely handmade goodies, Kaelin! I bet your partner will squeal! I like that the snowman looks like he is trying to reach out to Winter Woolies! So cute!

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