December 5, 2011

What I did this weekend...

Aside from the cookie swap, this is what I spent my weekend doing...

Pouches for my shop :)

My friends, family and coworkers have been after me for the past 2 years to get the handmade side of my Etsy shop up and running, because they'd like to purchase smaller items like these for gifts and whatnot. It's something I really wanted as well (which is why I swore off swaps earlier this year), but with buying a new house, family craziness, and working full-time, finding the time has been virtually impossible!

It's taken me until now to actually sit down and crank out a batch of items, and my goal is to add a variety of pouches, bags, home goods, and new quilt patterns and over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that now that I have this first wave of items under my belt, things will be a little easier to maintain and I can just replace each item as it sells one at a time (instead of my usual marathon sewing sessions). Wish me luck!...and I readily welcome any and all advice from those of you who have experience selling your handmade goods on Etsy!


Wow Kaelin these are so pretty! I'm sure they'll fly out the shop :)

Good job! I especially love the bottom middle print - what is that? I've found that getting the word out locally really really helps for sales. But for me it has been a little awkward to sell to friends, even though they are really supportive I always just want to give them stuff :).

Your new bags are awesome! I've been thinking of doing this, too. Just haven't taken the leap!

Yay -- exciting! They look awesome...can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

how wonderful! They look really awesome!!

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