January 23, 2012

Bad News Bears

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes you sent my way after my last post. After a pretty crazy and sleep-deprived weekend, I was starting to feel a lot better the last day or so. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this afternoon, and I made a last-minute decision not to cancel just in case my issue was something other than a pinched nerve. Well, I'm seriously glad I went in, because it turns out I have a herniated disk in my neck. Which means I get to wear a stylish neck brace for a while, eat a few packs of steriods, and give up sewing for about 6 weeks. Yeah, you read that last part right. It looks like things will be pretty quiet around here for the next month or two :(

I don't mind the neck brace or the steriods, because the brace reminds me of an Ernest character called Auntie Nelda, which makes me giggle...

But the no-sewing-for-6-weeks thing is a real bummer. And Ray's instituted marshall law. I went to go get something out of my sewing room, and he'd actually locked the door on me! That varmint. I can't say I blame him though, because I'm a bit of a pistol and stubborn as a mule - after 6 years of marriage, he's sure got my number ;)

But back to the giggling, because that part is more fun. Ever since I saw this V-neck sweater in Purl Soho's latest email blast, I can't stop laughing to myself.

Why? Well, because all I could think about after I saw it was this HILARIOUS Saturday Night Live skit featuring Ben Stiller and Andy Sanberg. Seriously...you need to watch it!


Bahaha! I knew the skit, but watched it again anyway! :P
Major bummer about that 6wks... maybe a great time to do some reading....or internet shopping. For more fabric.

Sorry to hear about your neck issues. That really sucks! Especially the 6 weeks with no sewing! I have an old back injury myself and no matter how much I would love to spend entire days sewing,i can only manage a few hours before my injury starts to act up. Take care of your self! Hopefully you will recover quickly.

Oh man, 6 weeks?! Still, glad you went to the doc, wouldn't want to mess with something like that (hope you got the good drugs!)

Loved the skit too...

ok, that totally blows!!!!! What about hand-sewing? Could you go hexie crazy or hand quilt? I'm not sure I could make it 6 whole weeks! Maybe you should treat yourself to new fabric every week you make it without sewing. That would be the only motivation that could work for me! :)

Oh, I like Kelly's idea. So sorry to hear about your neck. It will be so worth it to take good care of yourself for the 6 weeks, though. Heal up fast and come back when you're ready. That v-neck is ridiculous.

man, that sucks. what can you do with your hands in the meantime?

Glad you decided to keep the appointment! Sorry about the six weeks in a neck brace, I hope you heal quickly!

Thanks for sharing the skit! I saw that sweater on Purl and wondered how the heck someone wears it!

Bwahaha! I had never seen that skit! Gross!! Super bummer about the 6 weeks no sewing. Can you do hand work? Do you knit? If not it seems like now you have some time to learn! Otherwise, think of all the blogs you can stalk or boards you can fill up on Pinterest! I hope they at least gave you some really good drugs to ease the pain of not being able to sew...I mean ease the pain in your neck!
Really hope you feel better soon!

Hahaha too funny! I've never seen that skit before. I don't know if I'll ever get that vision out of my head.

Sorry to hear about your poor neck and NO sewing for SIX weeks. That's terrible! You're going to need a list of good movies and books to keep you entertained. Let me start. I watched Sunshine with Ralph Fiennes yesterday while sewing. It's about 3 hours long but very good! You can watch it online: http://www.1channel.ch/watch-150931-Sunshine

Chin up - six weeks will fly by and you'll be back in the saddle, I mean sewing room.

yeah, I was going to ask if you could some hand sewing or your new cross stitch mania...or learn to knit or crochet. Become a yarn fanatic! lol

SUCKS! I hope you got some good meds!

Bummer deal! But I'm sooo glad you went in so that it doesn't keep hurting! Better to take care of it now.

Are you still locked out of your sewing room? I can wait 6 weeks for fabric, no worries! I would have to be locked out of my room too. I think we would get along great!! LOL

Maybe you should catch up on the Bachelor this season and eat some Oreos. That's my plan anyway!! LOL

That's got to be the cruelest "cure" ever! Hope you get to read lots of quilting books and magazines so you can vicariously quilt for the next 6 weeks. Hope you get better sooner though!

Oh Kaelin, how crappy is that, dig into the massive DVD collection and rest up. The clip was hilarious, thankyou!

hahahahaaa! thanks for the link - that is brilliant
sorry to hear about your neck - 6 weeks with no sewing sounds horrible! Get well soon!

Keep on watching these funny videos and the 6 weeks will fly by in a minute. Sooo funny :)

Oh man that sucks! Hopefully it will heal up nice and quickly and trouble you no more!

so sorry about the disc, but SO glad you got it checked out and will now be on the mend!!!

(I can babysit your fabric for your while you're off......;)

Oh, yes, the deep V. And Ernest. Both, I love.
Dude! 6 weeks? Ugh. I'm sorry, sweet friend. Can you cross-stitch? And embroidery? I'm sending you an email!

6 weeks?!?! I'm guessing knitting and crochet are out too? I guess you'll get all caught up on trashy tv. ;) Thanks for sharing that video. That is a VERY deep V on Ben Stiller!

Oh sweetie that's so horrible! Can't even imagine :(
Maybe you could keep us entertained with more hilarious clips - that is SO funny!! Also I hate v-necks on men!!

I just watched the YouTube - hilarious! So sorry you can't sew, Aunt Nelda. Does that include knitting, too? What are you going to do with all your spare time? Designing? Planning? Retail therapy? I know - quilt shop road trip!

Hope you feel better soon. Not sure what to suggest to help your withdrawal from all things crafty, but I hope it goes by quickly. Maybe trashy TV IS the ticket!

I'll have to check out the clip. So sorry about your neck! Take it easy and maybe the time off will be a creativity booster!

Damn that sucks about your neck. Take care of yourself!

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