January 2, 2012

Martini Block Pattern

I designed this block specifically for the back of Amanda's Swanky Squares quilt (because what's a Mad Men themed quilt without a martini?), but I decided to go ahead and make a test block for another project I'm working on right now. The recipient of this mystery gift will probably take one look at this and know it's for her - but maybe not - so I'm still gonna attempt to keep it a secret for now :)

The finished block is 8.5" x 12.5", and I put together a little paper piecing template for you guys! There are three sections in the template (A, B & C) that you'll need to cut out. When piecing & cutting, make sure you leave room for 0.25" seam allowances on each side because the paper templates don't include seam allowances. Also, in addition to the three sections in the pdf, you'll need to cut two 3.5" x 8.5" pieces to sew to the top and bottom of the block. If you're new to paper piecing and need more detailed instructions, Christina at The Sometime's Crafter has a great tutorial with detailed photos.

And if you wanna make it extra fancy, you can quickly free motion applique a little olive & toothpick in the center with some fusible web!

Click here for the downloadable PDF.


Very cute Kaelin! Perfect for Mad Men

too cute! and looks like a very yummy cocktail!

Great block! I used to collect martini glasses but gave them up with I quit drinking. I still love the classic lines of the glass though.

Really cute Kaelin. Love the fabric - looks like bubbles.

It's so cute! I love it, and the fabric you chose for the glass is awesome!

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