January 12, 2012

High Fives All Around

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

I came home to a fun little package on my doorstep yesterday. More good things to come *wink*...

And even better, last night we found the Flight of the Concords box set on sale for $16.99 at the Best Buy down the street!!! I freaking love that show. I hear Ray walking around the house humming "Business Time" to himself all the time...."cuz you know when I'm down to my socks it's business time, that's why they're called business socks!"

I don't think I've ever confessed my other addiction (besides fabric) on here before, so here goes. My name is Kaelin, and my husband and I are movie addicts. We have over 600 DVDs/Blu-Rays (that don't all fit in this gigantic case anymore), and that number is slowly growing...eek!

We're pretty eclectic in our tastes. We have everything from Thor to Chocolat to Heavyweights to The Sound of Music, and whenever I'm not sewing, I can usually be found lounging around with Ray watching movies. We're about the most content married couple you'll ever meet. Most people would probably find us boring, but we're happiest when we get to lay on the sofa together on the weekends and have movie marathons under a pile of quilts with Whiskers (with some intermittent napping mixed in - click here for visual). One of our weekly rituals is to come home from church, put in The Fellowship of the Ring, and take a "Baptist Nap". Ray always looks over at me as the movie is starting and says, "I'm gonna try to make it to Moria this time, but I probably won't". And 10 minutes later he's passed out, snoring quietly with his mouth open. Life is good :)


Thanks for getting "Business Time" stuck in my head! Haven't heard that in a while!

Bwahahahahahaha. That is so cute. Your Baptist Nap bit made me crack up. And of course, I adore business time. So much. Elliott and I have been rewatching all of the episodes recently.

I got a shirt for Christmas with the band attendance sheet on it. ;)

Well, now I have to tell you what I did with my movies.. LOL. I don't have as many as you do, but I bought a P-Touch labler. Then I bought some pretty scrapbook paper. And I made designer lable covers for all my movies so that they would match the decor of my house. If you open the move jacket and lay it flat the plastic cover bubbles up and you can slide the pretty paper under there with the movie label. Then I alphabetized my movies :) Wierd I know.

Walk in the woods is such a great range, as for the Conchords, definite favs in this house. I don't watch a lot of fims but I love off beat comedy, Brett and Jermaine are the kings, they 'got it going on' x

Ok, I'm sneaking to your house and taking the next box that shows up on your doorstep, if stuff like that is inside :) hehe!!! LOVE!!!! And what an awesome movie collection!! FUN!

oooo looks like a Bakeshop project could be afoot! :)

Love that show! And now I'm going to be singing business time at work...

Business Time is hands down my favorite song from that show! Hilarious!

We should all take a trip together to NewZealandTown. Great place! :)

LOL! Your Sundays sound perfect!

heavyweights! that's an all-time favorite. "we already know each AH-ther's names!" also, "you're a loser! a loser with a skinny wiener!"

Oooo, I detect a recipe in your future!! Exciting!
I bought Flight of the Conchords for my son for xmas (he's 15) and he was totally stoked. We still have to find some time to watch. I know the music, but have not seen any of the shows yet. Can't wait!

Oh Mah Gah! Business Time. I love LOVE me some Brett and Jermaine.

Oh my!! I think you and your husband are adorable!! I sold most of my DVDs to get money to buy fabric!! hahaha!!

high fives all around = fabulous phrase. it makes me giggle whenever i hear it.

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