January 5, 2012

Lookit! I cross-stitched!


I'd like to say a big thank you to the talented ladies at the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, because they have single-handedly made me interested in cross-stitching.  Before I stumbled across their adorable designs last year, my interest in cross-stitching was zero. zilch. nada. But since I first laid eyes upon their illegally cute PB&J pattern (which never fails to make me sing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song), I've been toying with the idea of picking up a new hobby. The final nail in the coffin was when I read Kelly's post about these adorable macaroons and their new Dessert of the Month club. Ten bucks for a year's worth of precious wee dessert patterns that smile back at me? Sold.

I had my fingers crossed they would email the new pattern before my lunch break today, and sure enough, the crafting gods were smiling upon me because it appeared in my inbox right before noon, so I was able to run to Joann's and pick up the necessary supplies. I was crazy excited to find my store had the metallic embroidery floss they mentioned on their site, because I love the sparkle it added to my little champagne truffle! It was a lot harder to work with than the regular floss, but well worth the effort. The only thing I was disappointed about is that I couldn't find dark aida, which the ladies at FPS recommended because many of the patterns will contain white. This Oatmeal one was the darkest I could find, and I was too lazy (with a splash of impatience mixed in) to attempt tea-dying, so I'll have to come to grips with the fact that my patterns might be a little muted.

I've never done any cross stitching in my life, so this was quite the adventure - full of google searches for tutorials and the making up of my own rules like, "and being ignorant, ye shall marketh a grid on the aida using a blue water soluble quilting pen. and it shall be done. and it was good. amen." I was going to take it slow and use it to pass the time in the break room at lunch tomorrow, but once I got started, I quickly became obsessed and finished it in one sitting while watching reruns of Once Upon a Time (LOVE that show!)

So yeah. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. It probably looks like crap in a handbasket to you seasoned pros, but I'm more than a little giddy about it. I have it draped over the sofa arm next to me, and I keep pausing while I type to reach over and pet it. My precious. *nuzzles against face*

I love how the crafting revolution that's going on amongst our generation is reaching all aspects of handmade items. People like Amanda & Ashleigh are out there breathing new life into other oft-neglected arts besides sewing and quilting, and I think that's pretty freaking cool. 

...and speaking of cool, there's a lady at my office with a globetrotting daughter in college, and she's always bringing me fabric from all over the world to turn into things for her dorm room. Last time it was a printed panel of a scene from the Sahara, which I turned into a wall hanging. This time it was some absolutely stunning fabric from Tanzania. It's typically used as garment fabric, but she wanted me to make it into pillows for her bed. I fussy cut the blue and black print to showcase that fab medallion, and I may have snaked a few of the smaller scraps for myself *wink*  (I warned her I might the day before, just to make sure it was okay)

I forgot to take pictures at home, so they've been lovingly staged in my cubicle chair (ooh! ahh!). My friend Sherie snapped the photos with her iPhone and emailed them to me. She even knew to take one all-inclusive picture + close-ups of each pillow, without me having to say a word. That's true friendship, right there ;)


Ooo I love those pillows! And your cross stitch is adorable. I've been going back and forth about signing up for it and you may have swayed me to do it.

Well done Kaelin!

You might be interested to check out the EMS cross stitch board at www.cross-stitch-board.com, lots of helpful ladies in there, not to speak of the exchanges, tutorials and patterns!

Those cushions are lovely Kaelin, your colleague (and her daughter) must be delighted with them.

Well done on your cross stitch too, I have dabbled with cross stitch over the years and have got back into it recently after receiving the Made in France: cross stitch and embroidery in red, white and blue book for my birthday. One colour cross stitch is so relaxing!

You're cross stitch is adorable. Watch out...it's addicting!!

Your cross stitch is so cute!! I love it! You have to see this http://www.flickr.com/groups/phatquarter/pool/
MrXstitch is incredible!

CrossStitch is something that I've always loved and I'm excited about it's resurgance. Your little dessert looks so happy!

So much goodness in this post! Your truffle is adorable. I heard lots of tweeting about the dessert club last night, and was curious. Now, I'm smitten after seeing your adorable little sparkly guy. I need! So, yeah, thanks for that. ;) Also, I love those Tanzanian fabrics. Gorgeous!

oh my gosh! A few people emailed me (including Kristi who stitched the cover!) about your truffle & blog post! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your truffle looks SO cute & perfect!!!! Awesome job!!! Eep!!!! <3

I love the Aida you used! What is it???

I got the Aida at Joann's. It's Sensations brand, 14 ct, in the Oatmeal color.

I'm friends with Amanda in real life, and they really are cute little patterns. :)
Yours is great!

you rock- love the stitches and the pillows :)

The Tanzania pillows are great - beautiful prints! As for your little guys blending into the background, try outline stitching around the light part (single strand) with black or maybe brown or tan. It will make it pop! You use a back stitch. There is a tute on their web site. I know the pattern doesn't call for it, but it's your project. I've done a lot of cross stitching - baby motifs on onesies for the grands34, samplers, etc. To do the onsies you use waste cloth. Ask your ladies at Joanns about it.

Looks really cute! I have been thinking recently about trying out crossstich again, I used to love it but fell away from it in college. I checked out the web site, I guess the $10 was an intro price that I missed? It is 17 now. Guess I need to catch up on my blogs.

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