January 3, 2012


Hey everyone - just a little public service announcement for you today. I've noticed in the past month or two that I've been getting a lot of comments from people that are "no reply bloggers", and I wanted to post this in case some of you weren't aware of it (I was a "no reply blogger" at one point, and didn't realize it until my friend Cherie posted about it a year or so ago).

I love reading and replying to your comments, and I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you, because it may well be that I can't reply to your comments. 

So, what is a "no reply blogger"? Basically it's when you don't have an email associated with your Google account, so when you leave a comment on someone's blog, they can't reply to it because there isn't an email on file for the response to be directed to.  If you don't like having an email on display for others to see, you can always set up an email specifically for blogger and/or junk email (I have an email address dedicated to promo and junk emails - any time physical or online stores ask for a email where they can send coupons, order receipts, and announcements, I always give them that address).

Jodi at Pleasant Home has instructions in this post, detailing how to make sure you aren't a no reply blogger (and fix it if you are). She also did a much better job describing what a no reply blogger is, in case you still have no idea what I'm talking about, lol!


I think I show up but let me know if I don't. Every once in awhile without my knowledge I get switched over!

I have just checked my profile as I had no idea whether I was a no-reply culprit or not :) Pleased to find out that I was not so will have to find another excuse for never coming up trumps in any giveaway I enter!

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