January 16, 2012

Round Two

Since I made my first attempt at cross stitching last week with the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's dessert of the month club, I've officially become addicted! It's the perfect way for me to keep my hands busy while I'm on break at work, or when we're driving around town or crashing on the sofa at night. I've become slightly obsessed, so I might have picked up a few more patterns from their shop recently - Toast Jump (the one pictured above) and the Leaning Tower or Macaroons.

I finished the Jump Toast one last night, and it's going to my sister in Memphis. She started law school last fall and has a new apartment in Memphis, so I thought I'd make something cute for her walls. I finished the stitching last night and plan on picking up a cute frame for it sometime this week- yay!

Not gonna lie, it's really satisfying to be able to finish a project a few days after starting (rather than weeks or months later like quilts!)


Good job, white on color not alway easy.

That is hilarious! I think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen!! I can totally see why that would be addictive, what great patterns

EEEPPPPPP!!! I am just loving the toaster- to stinkin' ca-ute :) It so made me smile!! When in heck do you have time to do all this fun stuff??? I need a lesson! :) Hope you had a good holiday!

SO cute! I haven't put any more time into my first project yet, but I know I will work on it soon. I love the toast!

Have you heard the song, yeah toast by the bob and Tom show?? Soooo funny!

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