January 20, 2012

Un-Adulterated Pity Party

Warning: be prepared for no small amount of whining. It's 3:00 in the morning, and I'm up on the sofa ready to start crying like a small disturbed child...again (the first breakdown was at 10pm). I have a pinched nerve in my neck/back again (this happened to me previously in the fall), except that it's waaaay worse this time. I'm no pansy, but this is seriously the most pain I've ever been in. No position is comfortable, my left arm is constantly half-numb (I'm typing with one hand right now), and even worse, I don't think I'll be able to get in to see a doctor any time soon, so I'm probably going to have to ride it out with no pain meds or muscle relaxers because I refuse to go to the Emergency Room and fork over a $200 copay. We recently switched over to Ray's health insurance from mine, and since the gym he works for is owned by a hospital, we have to change primary physicians to one within the hospital network because they only pay for in-network benefits. So yeah, wish me luck trying to get an appointment as a new patient, on the very day I'm calling. Before the weekend is over, I may convince Ray to club me over the head like a caveman so I can be unconscious until this is all over, lol!

To add insult to injury, I had the flu earlier this week, so the only bright spots of my week have been some seriously awesome packages I've received from friends. Kristie sent me a lovely winter package full of my favorite things - cookies, scottie dogs, and witty crafts :)

And there's no real reason for the following picture, but I'm in a lot of pain and wanted to look at something cute. Whiskers has taken to perching on top of the sofa cushions like a cat...because apparently it's not good enough to sit on a pile of quilts on the sofa cushions like a normal person. Life is hard. And yes, that is a giant pile of clothes he's laying on. Ray likes to use the corner of our sectional as a laundry basket. And in case you were wondering, those are Iron Man pajama pants you see. After 6 years, I've learned that married life is about picking your battles, and this is one I gave up a long time ago in favor of more important things, lol ;) Besides, it was 2 against one because Whiskers voted for the clothes to stay since he likes using them as a pillow.

And now back to awesome packages....

Got these in the mail from my friend Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics today...yesterday? Yeah, yesterday. It's 3 am.

Yum! I could eat these Ruby Sundae Stripes with a spoon!

And these are a few little ditties that tripped and fell into my Etsy shopping basket like that cruise ship captain...

Looking at these little trims makes me so happy *sigh*

And that's not all! Here in the Telschow family, we don't mess around when it comes to interfacing. I always wait to buy it until Joann puts it on sale for 50% off, because then I can get an additional 10% off with my VIP Card. I scored an entire 20 yd bolt of my favorite interfacing for $29 (including tax)...which breaks down to $1.45/yard.

So wish me luck on the shoulder this weekend (and feel free to mail me any controlled substances you have lying around, lol!) In a moment of pure weakness, I almost took some pain pills I found in the medicine cabinet leftover from Ray's wisdom tooth extraction back in 2008!!! My better judgement kicked in before I did anything rash though...


Having been a back pain sufferer for years I know how you feel . It is completely debilitating and there is no other pain like it (well, maybe childbirth but that's another story). Have you tried an ice pack which I have been told to use to contract the spasm?
Secondly - great package from Kristie
Thirdly - wish I could get a whole bolt of fusible interfacing that cheap!

I hope you get better soon!

Feel better soon. I've had neck and back problems before and I know how bad the pain can be. You never realize all the little movements you do until each one causes you pain. Feel better.

Aww sorry to hear you're in so much pain. My other half broke his back in a parachuting accident in his dim and distant youth and he really really suffers. So I really feel for you. Hope you can get a doctor to see you soon and it doesn't cost you an arm, leg - shoulder to pay for it. :-(

Great packages though - ribbon is too cute. Things can only get better!

Oh sweetie you have my pity :( Sounds horrendous.
The packages are wonderful though! Thoughtful gifts and yummy fabric! I ADORE those trims!! Off to Etsy I go :)

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly. If I were you I'd probably just taken those pain killers hoping they haven't expired yet...
am mailing you a cross stitch freebie tho that I picked up somewhere years ago, hoping it will make you feel better.

Hope today finds you feeling better, one way or another! I wish I could post a pic in comments to show you my husband does THE SAME THING with his clothes. But not just on the couch, also in his office chair, and on his nightstand. Men, lol.

Hope you find some comfort soon girl! Wishing you well from the big K-Y! Drooling over your new fabric as well. :)

Dang! Hope the nerve decides to cooperate soon :) I need your new address- have a little something I want to get to you!! And a dumb question- how do you show proof for the VIP card- my guild doesn't have any kind of membership card? I want 10% off- hehe!!

hope you're able to get in to the new doc soon. and my husband uses the corner of our couchfor a laundry basket, too. hmmm . . . must be a man thing!

poor thing! get well soon and enjoy your fabric goodies :-)

I'm sorry 'bout your pinched nerve! Those suck! I would totally chance it with hubbys old meds. I think the worst that could happen is nothing and the best that could happen is a little relief (that or you might grow a beard, but other than that! Just kidding!). At least you got some awesome fabric and gifts to help ease the pain just a little! Hope you feel better soon. And the weekend is coming up so maybe your sweet hubby can wait on you hand and foot, I mean take care of you! LOL!

Oh, friend! I hope you feel better soon. I'm so sorry to hear about your back. That SUCKS. happy mail is awesome, though. I'm glad it cheered you up a little. And your sweet Scottie is so cute, perched up on the couch!

You poor thing!!! Pity party it up, for sure! Nothing is worse than a pinched nerve bc you can't really rub it or anything. The wise interwebs say to alternate hot/cold packs to alleviate the pain.

I hope you feel better!!!!!

Um, easy solution: get yourself to a chiropractor! No huge bills, you can get in to see them today (or tomorrow), they'll actually go to the source of the problem, so no drugs, no side effects. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!

I'm sorry to hear you are hurting! Are there any urgent care or immediate care clinics in your area? They are less expensive than ERs, but are meant as a walk in and normally open into the evening or weekend. They could at least evaluate and maybe give you something for the pain until you can see a new doctor.

Whiskers is so adorable! My 2 Scottie dogs (jacque and Pippen) also sit on the back of the couch like that! They could care less what's on it, it's all a pillow to them!

So sorry to hear about the pain! My dad did the whole sciatica nerve thing, extreme pain, so you have my complete sympathy. Check the details of your insurance--I had some one time that would cover out of network for emergency situations. In the end, the damage of a pinched nerve can be big, go into the ER and get some relief! Dear little Whiskers, keeping you company, what a sweetie.

You poor poor baby! I would have taken those 3 year old pain meds if I'd found them. Honestly though, you know they wouldn't have lasted that long in my medicine cabinet! Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

Good luck with the pain! I totally sympathise, although I'm allergic to so many things I can't take painkillers, and when my hypermobile joints wander off, I have to just suck it up. If you're used to the drugs though, I imagine it really, really sucks!

If you were closer, I'd get you in! Hope you found some relief!

You poor thing! I wish I lived closer, because I DO have the power to prescribe some pretty awesome meds....but don't think my license number would be valid in NA, sad to say! At the very least, if I was closer I would have came by with a big bottle of wine for some good old home remedy! I hope you are feeling a bit better today and that you get in to see a doctor really soon. That sucks!! It is no fun at all being in pain.

Sending you a long distance hug (but I am being very careful not to squeeze that shoulder ;)

(glad you like the package!)

Ohno!!! I'm so sorry! That totally stinks!

I'd make you cookies for your shoulder pain!

What a wonderful friend you have to send your goodies!!

Guess what I got today in the mail???!!!!

Pink castle fabric! Thank you sooo much the giveaway! I'm excited to use my scalloped fabric too!!

It's a good thing you didn't bother taking those left over pills. You should be within close proximity to a dentist tega cay clinic so don't panic next time it happens, okay? Cheers girl!

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