February 9, 2012


So, call me crazy, but I had an idea last night. I've bought a good bit of fabric lately, and need to do some serious destashing. The thing is, I don't have very many small cuts of fabric. Usually if I like a print enough to buy it, I buy at least a yard - mostly because I sew a lot of different things, especially quilts and bags, that rarely call for less than a yard of each print (I use more yardage for quilts than normal because I've been designing a lot of my own quilts this past year, and that process uses/wastes a good bit of fabric).

So rather than pulling a bunch of random fabrics, chopping them up, and listing them individually in my Etsy shop, I thought it might be more beneficial for all parties involved if I made custom FQ bundles. I know a lot of you are new-ish quilters, and many of you have told me before in our chats that your biggest struggle is pairing fabrics. 

That being said, here is my idea:  I go through my stash, put together a half dozen or so Fat Quarter bundles, and list them all in my shop. I'm thinking 8 FQ's per bundle will be perfect, because very few quilt patterns call for much more than that, and it's an even 2 yards of fabric. Many of my fabrics are pre-washed, so I thought I'd list each bundle for $14 ($7/yard)...normally I list my prewashed fabric for less than that, but it's going to take me a lot of time to pair and cut all the fabric.

I was thinking about doing one or two rainbow bundles maybe like this one???

And a few random palettes of my choosing. I was in an Easter-y mood after seeing some cute new wreaths in Joann's, so I put this one together and dubbed it "Spring Fling" :)

I also thought that if any of you have specific projects or color palettes in mind, you could email me with custom requests. If you give me an idea of the colors you're looking for (or even a Design Seeds palette), I can pull some fabrics from my stash, snap a photo, and send it to you for approval.

So...whaddya think? Any interest? Circle One:  Yes   No   Maybe


Yes! Love bundle 1 best but two is great!

Well girl, I'm on the hunt for some nice bright fabrics that are color on color or tone on tone. Have any like that?

I think custom bundles are great because I have a hard time coordinating outside a fabric line. I love Fabricworm's custom bundles but find them a tad pricey.

I love that you are not letting your injury get you down and are finding other ways to be creative. Rest up - you will be back at your machine in no time.

you are awesome- all the time!!! another brilliant idea! fabulous :)

I circle yes, although I'm not sure I will partake in said destashing. I love your taste in fabric; I've just got lots of my own to play with! I love the idea of destash bundles, though!

Oh I had to write this, my word verified thing was Scottie heart. !!! No joke!

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