February 2, 2012


So, first things first. I feel the need to disclaim that no one is paying me to say any of this, or even asked me to write about it. I just hate when I see a really talented person who's work I think is under-appreciated, plain and simple! I first learned about Mark Cesarik when his wife Cara contacted me about his first fabric line for FreeSpirit, Calypso Swing (remember this post? I also included a lovely gray print she sent me from that line in this bundle).

I've kept an eye on his work ever since, and I hate that I rarely see anything pop up on Flickr that's made with his fabric, because I seriously love the bold, graphic look of his lines, and how they're bright and fun without being super girly. It's nice having male designers out there in the quilting fabric world like Mark Cesarik and Joel Dewberry, because although their lines are produced for the predominantly female quilting world, they have a definite masculine edge to them that I love. Because as much as I obsess over fairy tales and flowers and adorable Japanese fabric, sometimes I want a print that's a bit more grown up so I can feel all cool and edgy walking into a work meeting or strolling down Magazine Street with it, ya know? I was actually talking with some friends about this the other day, and we all agreed that's one of the main reasons we love Anna Maria Horner's fabric, because it's incredibly bold and colorful, yet sophisticated at the same time.

Anywho, his newest line is Cosmic Burst (view swatches here) and it comes out in April. The mosaic I put together up top showcases some of my favorites from the line...wouldn't they make fabulous summer bags and clothing? *swoon*


I'm so glad you posted this! I have never seen or heard of him, but love the samples you posted. I'm gonna go look at the rest of his line. Would definitely make a fab bag! :)

Thanks I had never heard of this designer either, sometimes you get a bit fed-up seeing the same designers' names and prints turning up all the time,so it is nice to see something different. Will definitely look out for this range and this designer in future.

Mark really is a fab designer. While I can't speak for others i can tell you part of the reason you don't see me using my "Mark Fabric" is because it is so amazing. Having said that, I am getting ready to start cutting my Morning Tides collection for a new quilt. Watch for it to be popping up in Flickr real soon! I am uber excited!!

You are right...this new line (the first time I am seeing it btw) is amazing. But all his work is!!

Um, this fabric is amazing! I'm adding it to my wish list right now!

Gorgeous fabric - I hadn't heard of him either. You're so right this fabric would be fab for bags!

Kaelin! You are too sweet. Thanks so much for giving my husband a shout out. I'm really glad you love the new line - it looks even better in person!

These prints are lovely! I've seen his Morning Tides line as well; I just love the purple and orange together in that line.

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