March 28, 2012

Block of the Month

I'm a really informal kinda gal, and I like to avoid a lot of rules and formality if I can. If the situation requires it, I'll lay down the law, but in general I prefer to keep things fast & loose and let everyone have a good time and do their own thing.

Where am I going with all this? Well, I'm the leader of our local New Orleans Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild, and we're a pretty small group - maybe 10 members or less, and usually only about 5-6 people are able to regularly attend. We're all about the same age and have similar personalities, so we get along great and usually our meetings consist of chatting/gossiping, showing off our projects, and then sewing the remainder of the meeting. We've been doing that for about 2 years now, and I felt bad because I was worried people weren't getting enough out of the group, and that doing the same thing month after month might get a little boring. Our meetings are about 3 hours long, so I thought it might be fun if we used the first hour or so of each meeting to learn a new block from C&T's 99 Modern Blocks (not gonna lie, I might have been inclined to choose that book because my quilty BFF (and former member) Angela makes up a tenth of it *wink*)

We kick-started the block-of-the month in February, and our first block was the Pogo Stick (on left). Our March meeting was last Saturday, and we learned the Wonky/Parisian Star (on right). Can you believe I'd never made a Wonky Star block before? I've always liked the pattern, just never had an occasion to make one before. I couldn't believe how incredibly easy the pattern was!

I'm color coordinating my blocks each month so that I'll have a sampler quilt by the end of the year. And surprise! I'm using my new favorite combo - pink and navy (see here and here) - for this quilt.

And RE my post yesterday, hot pink is the only color pink that I openly love and endorse....pastel & "regular" pinks...not so much. I'm a giant bundle of contradictions - what can I say? LOL

I used a Free Spirit solid (Hot Rose) for the background, and that piece of Japanese loveliness in the center is a Suzuko Koseki scrap that Ayumi sent me. I heart Ayumi :)


those buttons are so dang precious.

Love the blocks :)!! Navy and pink were my wedding colors :) How's that for funny, 15 years ago- I was sporting a trend WAY before it was! HA!

I like the idea of learning blocks each month during your meetings. Fun! Your wonky star is awesome.

I think you're sort of lucky that your mqg group is small. I miss when ours was like 20-30 people. Now we have around 100 members, and the meetings are way more structured and have lost that intimate group feeling :( Chatting/gossiping and sewing sounds like a super awesome meeting to me!

Small, chatty & creative "meetings" sound great to me too :) (I have to attend so many meetings for work...they're the last thing I would want to inflict on myself during my free time!)

I hope you guys make some of my patterns. ;) The triple wonky star is a popular pattern...but I want to see you whip out the curved inlaid circle. You and your mad 12 matching center point skills!

I've never been a big fan of pink and blue but your choices of pinks with navy looks fresh and new. I love these blocks. I wasn't a quilter or a member of my quilt guild when it was small and just starting. There are about 85 members, many of whom I haven't met and never see. Most of the monthly meeting is business, but we do have show and tell at the end. We have a quilt show and sale every October and we give away a lot of service quilts (illness, death, women's shelter, homeless shelter, etc.) I wish it were smaller, but it is what it is. Looking forward to retreat at the end of April.

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