March 27, 2012

Cherry Blossom Mini

I finally feel like I'm getting back into a groove with my sewing. I'm able to sew for short periods without having to wear my neck brace, and I'm not sore afterward - yay! I still have to limit myself to hour or so sessions, because I don’t want to over-do it and land right back where I was at the start of this whole mess...but I’m fine with that little compromise as long as it means I can sew again!

I started this project because I wanted something small and manageable that I could finish fairly quickly, and because I wanted to feel like I actually accomplished something for the first time in months! Binding this quilt has been slow going because it requires me to look down the whole time, which is the hardest thing for my neck (and it makes some of the fingers on my left hand go numb pretty quickly). So I wanted to start this small, second project so I could work on it when binding the other wasn’t in the cards :)


The finished mini quilt top measures 18" x 18", so each blossom is 6" square, and each "petal" is 3" square (pattern found here). I raided my pink scrap bin for the blossom fabrics, and for the center of the blossoms I used a leftover scrap of a Sweetwater "Sunkissed" print in Gray. The background fabric is Annie’s Seed Catalogue in black. I normally hate pinks and blacks (especially together, because it makes me think of Debbie Gibson and the 80’s), but in photography, art, and other mediums I always see those sweet little pink Cherry Blossoms paired with blacks and grays, and IMHO they just don’t look as pretty paired with anything else!

I have to laugh at myself over my color choices though, because I can’t help but think of what my friend Angela would say about it! I’m picturing her chuckling to herself at her computer as she reads this, since it contains so many colors I have repeatedly professed to hate, lol! I remember telling her on multiple occasions that I hate both pink and black, so she always enjoyed pointing out how much pink was in my stash whenever she came over ;) I told her it was a necessary evil, because a quilter needs a little bit of every color (especially if you sew mostly for other people!).

Well, despite all my protests to the contrary, it seems Angela knows me better than I know myself! Because I truly love this quilt :)

The next hurdle will be deciding on the backing...I have about 10 different ideas swirling around in my head, so I need to sit down and make some executive decisions this week. It's times like this I miss having Angela just down the road from my work - I really need another lunch-break brainstorming session with you Ang!!!


Holy cuteness!! Love that background and the pink. :)

i really love this, and i am glad that you have embraced the black and pink!

I'm soooo loving this quilt! I can't believe you don't link pink when you have this nice and lovely selection of pink stash! Pink is my favorite color! My pink stash is huge, but I don't have most of those cute pink fabrics you used for this quilt! This quilt does make me think of cherry blossom! Just love it!

I always list pink as a color I don't like when I'm filling out pre-swap forms, but this is super cute. I like the variety of prints you chose, and your seams are so precise!

And did I not just pick out the most perfect dress for you?! I hope you bought it.

I won't rub it in your face that pink is an acceptable color. ALL colors work in the right setting and the right print. You just found the perfect project for these!

You can come over for lunch any day. Just drive North 1000 miles exactly. I've got an extra sewing machine now and everything. ;)

This is such a sweet quilt! :) I love it!

This is so beautiful! I haven't seen this block design before and it's so fitting to the season too. Glad you're able to be sewing again, even if it is a little bit.

It is the perfect spring mini :)

Hey, Ms. Hoarder, got much more of the black seed print you would be willing to part with? Will buy/ swap.....

Beautiful! The colours work perfectly and I love the pattern

What a lovely quilt. I'm not afraid of pink, in fact, working on a quilt right now that features a good amount of pink, so your quilt is right up my alley. Love the pattern and the color choices!

Love this quilt, just found your blog, and am a happy new follower.

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