March 25, 2012

I'm in Stitch!

My pattern was accepted for the Summer issue of Stitch back in November, and I've been busting to tell someone (other than my husband) for months! Stitch is by far my favorite crafty magazine, and seeing my pattern in one of their issues is kind of like having the Holy Grail in my hands! Seriously...I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am - probably the most accurate way to describe it is like this...

Tom & Donna on Treat Yo'Self Day.

So without further ado, here is my project!

It's a laminated knee pad that doubles as a convenient tote for your gardening tools! Your gloves, spades, and other medium-to-smallish items can be neatly tucked in the front pocket, leaving your hands free for larger items like a watering can.

Once you've carried everything out to the garden, you can pull it all out and use the pad to cushion your knees. And best of all? The laminated fabric repels all the grody dirt & water as you kneel in the garden, and there's 3 inches of polyurethane foam on the inside to give you lots of cushion :)

I had some extra laminate left over from this project, so I made a few extras to give to my mom and mother-in-law for Mother's Day in May (both of them are avid gardeners). I can't wait to get my sample back so I can use it for myself while I'm planting our new herb/veggie garden out back!

And here's a little tip in case you decide to make my day & use this pattern! The price of 3" polyurethane foam at Joann's might make your jaw drop (I know mine did when I went to buy some for this project!), but if you wait until it's on sale for 40% or 50% off, you can use your VIP card to get an extra 10% off and get a cut for a very reasonable price (I think with 40% off + the extra 10%, my piece was around $7). If nothing else, find a 40% - 50% off one item coupon - because you do not want to buy this stuff at sticker price!


Congrats! Thankfully my knees don't hurt if I'm kneeling on the ground pulling weeds, but I'm sure they will one day. I may have to pick this issue up to have on hand for then.

Grody dirt and water? One of my favorite things about gardening, after seeing the plants thrive. But then I have old clothes that I only wear in the garden so I don't mind if I come inside covered in dirt/mud. ;)

The model's stonewashed jeans have sent me into an 80s coma. But congratulations anyway!

LOL Felicity!!! I said the exact same thing about the jeans when I saw the photo!

Congrats, my friend! It's been a great night for you and Angela!

Rock on wich yo bad self. That's awesome Kaelin!

Congratulations on being published, I could have done with that kneeler when I was basting a king-size quilt a couple of weeks ago!

ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one focused on the jeans! LOL! Great project Kaelin!

congratulations! What a great project :-D

TREAT YO SELF! How did I know you love Parks and Rec too?!

Congrats to my amazing crafty diva friend!

Congratulations Kaelin! I really want to make this (so I can learn to use foam, and learn to make boxy sides) And it looks like I'll be needing to get that issue. :)

That is freaking awesome! I'm so excited for you, and it's a very clever item! Treat yo'self! All my best, LPP.

That project is so clever! Way to go!

So rad! Huge congrats to ya!!

Congratulations!!! i am so excited for you! i bet you feel like a sewing rock star! i hope your mr. takes you out for dinner tonight to celebrate!

Oh my stink!! You are awesomeness!!

that's awesome! now go and TREAT yo'self!

Wow! Congratualtions! This is the first laminate project I have seen that I actually want to try. I know my Grandma would love one...

Kaelin, that is so awesome! Congratulations! I totally need to make one of these for my mom. I never know just the right thing to get her for Mothers Day and this is PERFECT!

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