March 20, 2012

Plugging Along

More Cherry Blossoms

I managed to finish 2 more Tallahassee / Cherry Blossom blocks yesterday, which I should be happy about, but I can't help but be annoyed by my slow progress. I long for the days when I could marathon sew and finish this mini within a week! (*forlorn sigh*)

One thing I AM happy about is that pink Flea Market Fancy block. Even though that print wasn't included in the recent reprint, finally having my hands on a ton of new FMF has made me feel more free to use what's in my hoard.  It felt good to finally use my scrap of Pink Tiles for this project, because it looks so darn cute as a wee cherry blossom....much better than it did sitting folded on my shelf for years! Plus I like knowing that a good friend will eventually have this treasured fabric hanging on her wall :)

More Cherry Blossoms

And I guess I can't be too crabby about my tortoise-like sewing, when I receive giant packages full of Orla Kiely goodness from dear college friends (you know, the one I have annual craft swaps and here)! My friend Dana lives in NYC, and as she was strolling through town the other day, she stumbled across a shop with an ungodly amount of cheap Orla Kiely goods!!! Knowing I'm as obsessed with Orla as she is, she offered to be my personal shopper and pick up an extensive list of goodies for me :) 


I have to admit, a few hours after I clicked "send money" on Paypal, a little bit of buyer's remorse kicked in, because I went slightly crazy. But as soon as I felt the scarves for the first time yesterday, I knew I'd been right to get 5 of them! They have an amazing hand and feel like wrapping a cloud around your neck. And I mean, c'mon, they were only $12 each! Yes, you heard right - only TWELVE DOLLARS for Orla scarves that feel like heavenly clouds of fluff.  Ahhh.....


And the tank tops are pretty darn cute too. Can't beat $20 for a designer tank with a stick! I bought an extra of the bottom one so I can turn it into a pillow for my sewing room :)


And being the wise and all-knowing friend that she is, a tiny trio of chocolate bunnies from a fancy NYC chocolaterie was slipped into my package. Unfortunately, Mr. Dark Chocolate Bunny met an untimely demise before this photo was taken. RIP - you were delicious Mr. Bunny and a credit to your kind.



I love your pink cherry blossom blocks! So pretty, and the text background works so well.

Loving your blocks. I'd been visiting the Uniqlo site ever since I heard they were selling Orla Kiely stuff online from 19 March - Only people must have shopped darn quick because when I visited on the morning of 19 March most stuff was out of stock or tiny sizes. A lot of what they'd been showing as coming on 19 March wasn't even showing.

You lucky duck! I am coveting those scarves!!

I just LOVE those cherry blossom blocks! Thanks for sharing!!

Oh I love your blocks! What is the tiny fruit print I adore that one! Love the scarves and I am not a scarf person.

RIP Mr. Dark Chocolate Bunny! I love it! I would have done exactly the same thing - starting with his ears. I backed a quilt with that FMF tile print in green. Got it at my LQS for $5/yard on sale. I chose it because the colors in it perfectly matched the colors in the quilt top.I think that was before it was such a popular line and got so scarce. It's really great that they have reprinted some of them.

poor bunny, lol.
Looks like you got a great haul and I love those Tallahassee blocks!

Beautiful blocks!! Gorgeous Orla goodies too :) What a lovely friend you have to think of you!

Those blocks are so darn cute, Kaelin!! I love every fabric you used for them, but the FMF block is my favorite!
Such an amazing OK haul! The scarves are must to have for sure! I just found they are about $12 in Japan too, so I have to pick some up!

a credit to his kind for sure! i love those blocks! the black seed fabric is killing me. seriously, LOVE it. and those scarves look heavenly!

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