March 7, 2012


I am beyond spoiled by my online friends. Not only did all those awesome care packages trickle in two weeks ago, but I got even more happy mail last week!

Remember when I gushed about Mark Cesarik's new line Cosmic Burst a while back? Well his awesome wife Cara sent me a surprise package of charms and I got it in the mail on Saturday! She's so nice, and when I was emailing back and forth with her a little while back, I mentioned that I was itching to buy one of his prints in particular, because I thought it would look amazing with the mustard Echo print. And guess what? Now that I have the real thing in my covetous raccoon paws, it totally does! I'm gonna have to buy some serious yardage of that print because I can't wait to make myself a bohemian summer bag to strut around New Orleans with...and maybe a hair wrap for my curly mop (my hair gets HUGE in the summer humidity...attempting to tame it is a pointless endeavor, so I've learned to embrace the madness).

Thanks for thinking of me Cara! Can't wait to sew up a saucy little number with these guys...I think I hear a mini quilt calling me ;)

My friend Kristy (Handmade Retro) was also sweet enough to pick up some Daisy Mae prints for me that are exclusive to Aussieland - yay!

Is all this bright, happy fabric making anyone else anxious for Spring & Summer? We had a really mild winter this year (it never dipped below 50 degrees), so our Blood Orange tree out front is already blooming, and it smells divine. Last year it produced about 500 oranges, so pretty soon I'll have them coming out my eyeballs....which for some reason, makes me think that Ray and I should go out in the yard and have orange fights with the excess oranges/gross ones that drop on the ground...because that's what we used to do as kids on my grandpa's farm...except that we did it with Concord grapes instead of oranges...and we didn't just pick up the rotten ones on the ground, but started ripping them off the vine when we ran out of nasty ones. I never recommend wasting hundreds of grapes that a decorated WWII veteran spent years cultivating. Never. He was not happy with us!

And I totally saved the best package for last! Remember waaaay back when when I found a copy of 318 Patchwork and suckered my new acquaintance Ayumi into forwarding it to me in the States? Welllll...she's so sweet that I couldn't help but slowly trick her into being my friend, and we've emailed back and forth the past few months about my obsession with all things Japanese, how Ray and I want to eventually move there as missionaries, how I want to steal every piece of fabric in her stash, and other random things like the Japanese tradition of eating KFC on Christmas day, which I think is pretty fantastic (and hilarious). Mainly because the original KFC restaurant is in my home county, and they have a "World Chicken Festival" every year in celebration of it (try not to be too jealous that I got to witness a Harlan Sanders look alike contest and eat fried chicken out of the world's largest skillet every year of my childhood).

But less about chicken, and more about Ayumi and her awesomeness. Where do I begin? Basically - Ayumi is amazing, and I wish I could siphon all her crafty powers like Rogue in X-Men.

Feast your eyes on this package full of happiness...

This little dish towel is so cute I can hardly stand it! It reminds me of that scene in Napoleon Dynamite when he finds the brown suit on the mannequin, and looks away at the end as if the suit's awesomeness is blinding him, lol! This dish towel is kind of like that. I have it hanging near my kitchen window where no one will soil it, and where I can stare at it in short snatches while I'm scrubbing. It makes me that happy :)

And she also made me this awesome pink & navy bag *swoon*. The inside is navy & white polka dot, with a wee little pocket.

And being well versed in my obsession with Scottie dogs (a few months ago she sent me a Suzuko Koseki paper piecing pattern that had a hidden Scottie in it!), she sewed a precious wee Scottie tag into the side of my bag. Be still my heart....

P.S. Is it bad that for a few wild seconds, I considered putting Whiskers inside the bag because I thought it would make for the most adorable photo ever? I quickly came to my senses when I had a second vision of me chasing Whiskers around the house with it hanging off his hind parts like some kind of strange doggie sack race.

P.S.S. Anyone else think it's only appropriate that two of Whiskers hairs somehow found their way below the tag, not 2 minutes after I pulled this out of the box? *sigh*


I can totally imagine you putting Whiskers in that amazing bag because I totally put my Westie in a pillowcase tonight and told her it was a sleeping bag. Her trying to walk her way out of it was nothing short of hilarious.

Hope you are feeling much better!

Put the dog in the bag! Come on! You know you want to!!!! Ok, well, maybe I just really want to see him in the bag.

Oh wow so many lovelies in one post! :-)

yeah, I would have totally put Whiskers in the bag- what a stinkin' cute photo that would make- after the chase, of course :)!! hehe! And what a few awesome packages!! So fun! Makes up for the weeks of not being able to use it, hopefully! Such cool-ness!!

You can do it!! Whiskers would look adorable in it! What cool stuff and what a great friend...Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

you were spoiled but you deserve it! ;)

I vote for Whiskers-in-the-bag pic. ;)
If you're spoiled, you deserve it!
I absolutely love Ayumi's package to you, and I agree; the Mark Cesarik print with Echo is heaven!

what lovely friends!! Well deserved!
oohh Rogue, wouldn't that be fun :)

Kaelin! I'm just soooo happy you've received things you totally deserve!! I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of the Cripple surprise (this name still cracks me btw!)
I vote for the picture of Whiskers in the bag! Oh and I spied his hairs the second I saw this picture on flickr!

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