April 16, 2012


I haven't been keeping up with my fabric in/out policy and the scale has become extremely imbalanced! I just finished posted a ton of fabric in my shop including FQ and 1/2 yard cuts, some uber cheap custom bundles, and a ton of rainbow scrap packs.

PLEASE help me get rid of my scraps! If I see my blog coupon code pop up in the checkout area, I will load you down with even more scraps since you're a reader...seriously...I'm drowning over here! Especially if you get one of the solids packs...it will be borderline obscene how much fabric I stuff in there, lol!

The code is plaidscottie10 for 10% off. Click here or on the link in the right sidebar to reach my shop.

Thanks peeps!


Oh, Kaelin, I'm so glad I saw this early enough to help you destash! The stuff I ordered will definitely fill in some holes in the fabric stash for the quilt ministry - woohoo!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

you're borderline obscene. lol

(to all people reading this and don't realize that Kaelin and I know each other well, just know that I wouldn't say that to just anyone...)

I got somethings I think I need them : )

ooooooohhhhh I need some good new scraps but payday isn't until friday. I hope some will still be available then.

Glad you're trying to stick to the policy ;)
I'm having another fugly fabric party soon if you want to join in and offload some more!

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