April 26, 2012


After coming home this weekend to an obscene amount of dog fur on my new pillows (from Kelly + Elena), I'm officially inventing a new unit of quilting measurement:  FPSI, also known as Fur Per Square Inch.

Why? Because all pets are inherently drawn to handmade items. It's a scientific fact.

Also, it seems there's a positive correlation between how much you love an item, and the FPSI. Pets can sense these things. Here is photographic evidence. He knows...oh yes, he knows....he's literally licking his chops over how much fur he's gonna rub on it...

Battle for the Mermaid Pillow

Sensing my absence this weekend and Ray's general lack of concern, I'm pretty sure Whiskers did barrel rolls on my pillows while I was gone to increase the FPSI of my most beloved new pillows, and slowly claim them as his own.

It took not one, but FOUR sticky roller sheets to take the FPSI from 100 back down to zero.

It's a vicious cycle, but this isn't over dog!


So funny! And so true. That's one cute Scottie. (love the pillows, too)

Whenever my favorite quilt has a corner off the couch, it's like watching flies on poo to see how quickly one of our fur monsters darts over to sit/lie on it. I tell myself it's their way of showing how much they love me, since they love everything I love, too.

In my household it's toddler dirt per square inch. I walk in with a finished block and the kid grabs it and rolls around the floor with it. She loves burying her face in anything handmade. lol I've trained her well, but lets just say there have been close calls regarding chocolate face. lol.

Agreed, with the TDPSI :) My girls are a little too hands-on with some of my projects. It makes me nervous that they'll walk off with something and I'll never find it again!

hahaha! my cat does the same thing!

i think this can be likened to children as well... i don't have pets but i do have two kids and they are the saaaame way! ;)

You are hilarious. I love you. :)

HA! I just have my husband who destroys my favorite pillows by squishing them.

I have a horrible feeling the dog fur will win!! But you look after those cushions well :)

What about the floor multiplier? A project could be on the couch or table for weeks, but the second I put it on the floor (to baste, etc.) it is immediately 20-30x more interesting and I am shooing pets away like crazy.

I know two gray kitties that could give Mr. Whiskers a run for his fur-dropping money!

FPSI!!!!! I freaking love it! I'd hate to know how high the measurement goes on our carpets! Yikes!

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