April 17, 2012

Modern Patchwork!

One of my patterns is featured in a new magazine from Interweave called Modern Patchwork! YAY! I'm seriously about to bust a gut that I'm in TWO magazines on stands right now (click here to read about my other pattern). I never, ever in my life thought I would see my name published in anything, and each time is honestly as exciting as the last. I'm always so nervous when I submit anything, because I never think they're going to take it. And immediately after I send that submission email, I start second guessing myself, or I think of something really cool that I wish I'd thought of beforehand (kind of like when you think of a really snappy comeback after your archenemy has already walked away...HATE that!). So I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts :)

But you know what's even better than having a pattern accepted for publication? Having awesome having family members who are incredibly supportive of my creative endeavors. They've been heading to their local Barnes & Nobles to buy copies of both, even though most of them don't sew! Thanks fam :)

SO. More about the pattern.

You probably didn't even notice, but my double oven mitt tutorial disappeared from my Tutorials page a few months ago. That's because I'd worked up a scrappy quilted version for this magazine!

Pattern in Modern Patchwork!
I'm so happy with the way the photographs turned out! Looks like a scene from my kitchen....Mmmmm pie :) 

I wanted it to look sweet and simple and a little bit retro, so I busted out my super-secret stash of hard-to-find fabrics and that big green polka dot you see above (found that at Joanns! they have some good stuff sometimes). And FYI, I put this mitt together pre-FMF reprint announcement, so it was actually quite painful to part with some of those scraps, but completely worth it in the end!

Pattern in Modern Patchwork!

Pattern in Modern Patchwork!

So if you have the time and inclination, I recommend you grab a copy from your local bookstore! I've seen the new Stitch in Joann's, but I'm not sure if they're going to carry Modern Patchwork. I'll let y'all know if I spot it there so you have another shopping option. (I grew up in a small town, so I know what it's like having to drive an hour to get to major chain stores like Barnes & Noble or Joann's!) You can also order both Stitch and MP online, but I'm not sure what the shipping costs are...I'll have to look into that for you guys....


How cool! I will purchase them both if either is at my Joanns. I just used your machine binding tutorial again and it turned out perfect!

Congratulations! I will look out for this in the UK but I don't know if it will be on sale here??

Congrats Kaelin! The photos look lovely in the magazine!

Congratulations Kaelin. I bet you're turning cartwheels.

congratulations! you're rad!

You absolutely ROCK, my friend :) LOVE this mitt- and the pie does look as yummy as things I've seen you make! Makes me hungry, and want to sew :) CONGRATS!!

cute! and congratulations again!

Congratulations! Perfect mitt and the fabrics are divine :)

I got mine at JoAnn's . Congratulations!

I so want to make it! It's awesome, and I'll be able to say I knew you when. ;) Twirl that moustache, lady!

Congratulations! How very exciting. Its a super cute oven mitt.

Congratulations Kaelin - Must be SO exciting!!

Awesome!!! I LOVE seeing my friend's names in mags alongside their rockin' patterns. I'm heading south next week and will scout JoAnn's mag rack for this one.

Will you still remember me when you hit it big?!?! Congrats!

Congratulations! You are on a roll, girl!

oh yeah! Happy Booty Dance! woohoo! (I told you I break it out more often than you think)

Lovely project! Congrats on being published yet again! I'll look for this magazine.

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