April 12, 2012

Remaking the Junk Room (aka Guest Room)

As of April 29th, we'll have officially been in our home for a year.

I'm just now starting a quilt for our guest room (which was previously known as the oh-crap-people-are-coming-over-open-the-door-and-throw-all-our-junk-in-there room).

I'm madly in love with the Pinterest board I made for it, and I now own about 90% of the things in it.

My favorite item by far is a custom wall hook I ordered from CountryFolksCreations. I had her paint 'Welcome' on it, because I'm going to put water & fresh flowers in the little mason jar before guests arrive. And I plan on sewing ribbon tabs onto our guest towels so they will be hanging in their room all fresh & ready for them :)

Before we even moved in, I knew I wanted to paint the room a grayish blue color, and that I wanted to make a Modern Meadow quilt for the bed (because it's my favorite fabric line of all time!).

In came Ali with a genius idea for a Flickr group where you could adopt other people's UFO's. Kelly had a giant stack of navy, aqua & green Modern Meadow Mixtape Blocks, which I promptly snatched up.

Instant quilt, right?

...well...except for the part where I changed my mind and decided I wanted to accent the blue guest room with yellow instead of green.

...and let them sit in my closet for 8 months.

...and then decided to remake half the blocks to include more yellow.

...and then had to find 4 more prints and make even more blocks, because I only had enough for a Double instead of a Queen.

...only to discover I was a coordinating print shy, and had to sneak in one DS Quilts print from her first Australian collection.

 Here are the first 6 of a total of 9 rows I'm organizing for the top.

Whiskers ran across my blocks and messed them all up no less than 3 times. And I might have shrieked at him and flailed my arms like a crazy red-haired banshee each and every time.

*sigh* Isn't this the most soothing fabric line you've ever seen? I want our guest room to be cozy, happy, and calming.

Because I love making people feel comfortable in my home.

And so does Whiskers, by strewing himself inappropriately across guests' laps so they can scratch his tummy. Welcome to the family! Have some black fur for your pants.

I was feeling too lazy for paragraphs tonight, because there's no time for that when I have Caprese Salad to eat and Parks & Recreations to watch.

Happy Thursday :)


I can't believe you moved a YEAR ago! I am counting down the days to an escape from reality :)

and we're currently reusing your moving boxes for the second time...to move again!

Love Modern Meadow as well, and this quilt will be FAB! I think you should forget the fresh flowers in the mason jar, and instead leave it empty with a big sign reading "Tips!" above it. Either that or "Rent money.". You want to make your guests juuuuust uncomfortable enough that they don't stay forever, eh?

What is the name of the flickr group? Is it still out there? I have some UFO's that could use a good home and adopting the out sounds like a good idea.

And I love that sign. It is so cute.

It's going to be a gorgeous quilt! And love the flowers idea!

Oooh, that quilt is going to be NICE! I have quilts for the guest room (only a twin bed) but haven't yet finished one for my own bed. Apparently, that's not unusual.

And what is it about dogs and quilt blocks? My two can't stay away either. I think it's because I usually photograph my block layouts and they loooove to be in pictures.

that looks gorgeous, although I am *telling* on you to the quilt police for adding in the DS fabric! (totally kidding, just in case you took me even remotely seriously!)

This is going to be one gorgeous quilt. The trouble is though you're making the room so lovely the guests will never leave :-)

Shrieked and flailed like a crazy red-haired banshee...! So funny :) Your quilt is going to be gorgeous.

Oh, and can you post a link to this fabulous flickr group? I've got a UFO or two I could post!

When do you start taking reservations?? ;)
I really love Modern Meadow, too. It's in my top three all-time lines, I think.

you totally crack me up... and i scream just as crazily when my kids run over my quilts on the floor... kids... dogs... same thing right? going to check your pinterest board right now!

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