April 14, 2012

Ruh Roh.

Ray and I have been carpooling this past week because we were having some work done on the 2nd car. Good news is that I love having that time before and after work when we can chat about our days.

Bad news? We get home at the same time and I'm not able to properly "dispose" of fabric evidence.

We pulled up in the driveway yesterday and I immediately spotted the small mountain of packages and thought to myself, "oh crap...it's finally happened....Fabric D-Day". I thought maybe I could snake up to the front door and get everything inside while he was busy getting his stuff out of the trunk.

I unlocked the front door and turned to see if I was still in the clear, only to be met with this knowing scowl (you all don't know Ray, but this is his impish "I know what you're up to" scowl, rather than the "I'm angry" scowl. Phew!)

I just started laughing, and then couldn't resist snapping these two quick photos of the event.

Later Ray said, "you're not going to put those up on the internet are you?"

Me: "No" (crossing fingers behind back)

Ray: "Whatever. You're over there thinking, 'I'll sneak these up on the internet and that rube will never know!' "

And then I just started laughing, because that's exactly what I was thinking. How does he know me so well?

Any of you have funny stories about how your husband has totally busted your Underground Fabric Railroad? Do tell!


This totally cracked me up! My husband was on travel the week of Easter, so right before he left I ordered a bunch of fabric from some different shops online, knowing it would arrive the week he was gone. But one of the packages didn't go out until the Monday after Easter, so I had to dispose of that evidence before he got home from work. I was sweating it because sometimes our mail comes really late in the evening and I didn't want the doorbell to ring during dinner. Funny:)

That is hilarious!! I also usually get home before my hubby and am able to quickly stash my purchases in the guest room aka my fabric storage room before he sees. One day, my husband went in there to find something and stumbled upon my collection...there may have been a vague promise of not buying more fabric without using up my stash... ;)

Sooo funny!!! I love that look, too!! I usually just make more smaller purchases so the hubs doesn't freak out...but he has also put me on a monthly budget too, so that sucks!

We've been married 48 years, so Bob just rolls with it. Almost every day I get deliveries, usually a free book from the publisher or fabric. It's a rare day that it's anything else.

Hilarious! Happens here to a smaller degree all the time.

Excellent, love the name Underground Fabric Railroad, should be a band. My husband doesnt really pay that much attention to my fabric buying, though I've never had a whole box turn up!
If only you could sneak fabric in like I do with plants!!

lol lol lol lol you soooo crack me up Kaeilin!!!! You and hubby are my idols! lol lol lol xxx

Totally busted! It used to be a battle, but I've just learned to make up stories like, "oh! Look what so-and-so sent me! She's so sweet!". Even though the package clearly reads "Hawthorne..." or other shops.

I . love. you. fabric D-day? lmao underground fabric railroad?? i so get it!! I am hosting a charm swap and had to make it VERY clear to hubby that i was actually saving money on shipping by hosting, and I had not went on a $1000 fabric spending spree.... oh what we do to feed the addiction.. glad he has a sense of humor about it ;)

hahaha- this was great!

thanks for sharing!

I have no stories yet of that. I am on a monthly budget though for my "fun money."
plus I cant hide it because I HAVE to show someone my new pretties and he is usually the first one to see. He pretends to care.

Haha - busted! I gave a check to my hubby to pass off to a friend this morning for a package of fabric we ordered together - hopefully he doesn't ask too many questions :p

I can TOTALLY hear you saying "run-roh" in Scooby's voice! This is pretty much my worst nightmare. Chad gives me a dirty look when I get one package! I can't imagine if he came to this! Thankfully his job keeps him away long hours! We did come home from vacation once to a TON of mail. He about had a heart attack!

Hahahahah! So funny :) I've never been caught, actually. I think my husband prefers to be kept in the dark. It'd probably scare him to know how much fabric I order and how much I spend on it.......

I was in a scrapbook shop once and there was a sign that said, "My worst nightmare is that when I die my husband will sell all of my scrapbook stuff for what I told him I paid for it." This is my fear-but with fabric stuff. Amazing how the newest lines are all on sale for a phenomenal price! Oh, and there's free shipping on ALL purchases, no matter where I buy them.

okay that's great and all, but what was IN those packages?! Incomplete post my friend. We need to see the nitty gritty so we can help support your cause. ;)

OMGH!!! I busted a gut at the picture of packages and then saw the hubs! Stinking awesome!!

My hubs whines about how I get packages all the time and how he never gets anything!! Bool whoo!! What he doesn't realize is I send 90% back, being in 6 bees and 3 swaps. See??! It's not too bad. Plus when I actually get stuff, it doesn't go above the normal package radar.

BUT..... Those packages might, being on the large side. Maybe you won a giveaway??!

What's in the boxes????

Small mountain indeed! Good thing, you hardly had any fabric..... ;). You crack me up! Love the pic of Ray!

So hilarious. The mountain of packages looks like fun!!!

I agree with Angela... what'd you get!
and hilarious story! hey... sometimes a girls gotta fight for fabric, right?

I have my packages sent to the office, thus avoiding fabric D-days here. Then I can easily sneak them in the house. Pretty tricky, huh? LOL,

Ha! So good, K. That is hilarious. And his face definitely does look as if he disapproves. ;)

At my wedding shower, my sister passed out a list of questions with answers from both me and Elliott to each, and the guests had to guess which one of us said it. One of the questions was, "How many boxes of fabric does Jacey own?" E's response was, "define a box... etc". He already knows what's up. ;)

LOL! The stories up there are hilarious!

My husband is the worst - ok he's not. I'm the cheap one of the family and he's always encouraging me to blow money on fabric. I know deep down that he wants me to lay off him for his spending... but sometimes I do just blow money on pretty fabric since he seems to not mind! But then the fabric will arrive and he'll ask "what are you making with this?" lol... I always tell him that I just wanted to see it in person. He doesn't get it, but that's ok.

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