April 6, 2012

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch 

Life's been full of curve balls this past year, and I haven't been able to keep up with my blog like I wanted to. I have lots of quilt + bag patterns in the works, and I was also sad I didn't have time to scout things for Scottie Watch every week and it kind of died off. I'm going to try to put one together for every Friday, but fair warning - it might take me a little while to get back in the groove!

1. Fabric Mart has marked everything on their site 20% off right now (you'll see the discount once the items are in your cart). Even better, if you're a new customer you can use the code 'NEW' and get an additional 20% off. That means you can buy yardage of the Little Folks Voiles they have priced at $5.99/yard for the insane price of $3.83/yard!!!!

2. My friend Kelly let me on to a Fabric.com coupon code good for 20% off orders of ANY amount. The code is 'AMZN20'....and I might have ordered a buttload of Echo with it to use for pattern-testing :)

3. Speaking of Kelly, she had a genius idea for a new QAL (quilt along) yesterday. It's called the My Precious QAL because she's encouraging people to pull out those hard-to-find fabrics they've been hoarding like Gollum in Lord of the Rings, and actually USE them! Angela and I are her helper minions for the QAL, and the three of us scoured Flickrdom and put together a rather fabulous Pinterest board of ideas (there is so much talent in our Flickr community!). 

Oh, and did I mention there will be prizes each month for those who participate? Yeah. So put on your thinking caps and pull out those Heather Ross/DS/AMH scraps you've been hoarding! 

Just 3 button 

4. My other friend Tracey also started a fabulous new project on her blog, because we sewers/quilters have a tendency to overcommit ourselves. She's encouraging readers to limit themselves to three projects or goals a month, and stick to it. I know I could certainly use some boundaries with my quilting projects because I'm usually working on about 1,000 projects at a time...which is probably why I get burnt out and frazzled about once a quarter : /

Cherry Blossom Mini Quilt
5. Remember the Tallahassee block I used for my Cherry Blossom quilt? Well I found it on this awesome site called Quilter's Cache and they have about a billion different FREE block patterns available. What's really nice is that for most of the blocks, she has both paper piecing and regular templates you can download (depending on your preference). SO convenient!

6. This next item falls into the category of why the heck didn't *I* think of this before? It's a completely ingenious (and easy) way to make custom Roman Shades. I was frantically trying to get curtains up in my guest room last week because my parents decided to come down for the Final Four (GO UK!!!), and I wanted to make a roman shade instead of regular curtains. Problem was, I only had two days in which to do it. I read through about a dozen online tutorials, and all of them looked complicated and involved way more work than my lazy butt was willing to do. Enter this tutorial, which has you buy a cheap fabric shade at Walmart and sew your fabric directly over top of it. GENIUS!!! And it only cost about $30, which was totally worth it to me :)


Thanks for the heads up on the Fabric Mart sale! Just so you know, the new customer coupon code doesn't work during the sale...but it's still a great deal on Little Folks! I just ordered a bunch :)

Thanks for all the great tips! I am happy to have Scottie watch back whenever you can do it.

Clever Scottie!
Happy Easter Kaelin :)

Thanks, I ordered some of that AMH voile, I have been dreaming of a voile quilt, but haven't wanted to cough up the cash. Yay for Scottie watch!

It's awesome that Whiskers is such an enabler! ;)
I'm not sure if I'll make the first MP deadline, but I'll definitely be jumping in!

Clever ideas indeed! Care to share some free piano lessons online as well? Good riddance!

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