April 13, 2012

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch 

1. Found a Tula Pink Neptune print here for $8.50/yard. Ready, set, GO!

2. Also, Whittle's Fabrics just posted a huge batch of new fabric on their site, all going for $4/yard. It includes some Parisville, Nicey Jane, Innocent Crush, Habitat, Greenfield Hill, etc.

3. For those of you left wondering how you'll edit your photos now that Picnik is nearing the end, check out PicMonkey! It's free (just like Picnik was) and so far, I actually like it a little better!

4. A couple of my friends have posted some pretty awesome free tutorials this week! Kristie @OCD posted a fun gardening apron on Sew Mama Sew (which I think would be adorbs alongside my knee pad! *nudge nudge, wink wink* You'll be stylin' & profilin' in the garden between the two of us!).

And Ang posted a meticulously written pattern on Moda Bakeshop today for that breathtaking owl backpack she created for the Sliced finals. Wonder if the adorable baby girl comes with it...

5. Be still my heart, Orla Kiely has teamed up with Bed, Bath & Beyond to produce some bedding!!! *sigh* I love Orla. The line comes out sometime in May, so mark your calendars (no word on a specific date yet...and trust me, I've been keeping a sharp eye on this!)

6. For you aspiring fabric designers out there, did you hear the upcoming Adobe Illustrator CS6 will have a tool for easily creating & editing patterns? That's right. You'll be able to easily create repeating vector patterns. Awesome.

Ray was watching one of his favorite techy YouTube channels and when they started talking about this, my ears immediately perked up and I had to wrestle him for the controller to keep him from leaving the video. I startled the bejesus outta him, because I always tune that stuff out and he couldn't understand why in the world I was so interested in repeating vector patterns, LOL!


You just made my day! I can't wait to get my hands on some Orla bedding. I was contemplating ordering some from the UK, but I just couldn't get over spending close to $150 for a duvet cover! Hopefully at BBB they will be reasonably priced and we can use the 20% off coupons. Can't wait!

thanks for the link for the sale fabric. i am a sucker for $4/yard! and kaelin, i laughed out loud at you scaring bejesus out of ray! ;)

So, your Scottie Watch always seems to get me in trouble. I'm going to start stalking BBB next month. That bedding doesn't match my bedroom one single bit, but I think I need it!

I was just itching to find out for sure when the Orla Kiely bedding was coming out. Mike doesn't know this yet but we WILL be buying it. ;)

Thanks for the shout out too sweetie!

I've got my beady eye on the Orla stuff too! I just got my Whittle's order today! They didn't have enough of the Nicey Jane I ordered, but I got some AMH, Ty Pennington, Tula Pink, etc. Gotta love $4/yard!

Gee thanks. Seems I just spent twice what I was intending on fabric today... but at that price... I'd never heard of Whittle's fabric. :) Thanks for the tip!

Love that Scottie Watch is back regularly! Love it! And thanks for the shout out, apron+ knee pad = awesome!

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