April 27, 2012

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

1. Unfortunately I can't take the credit for this first item, because my genius friend Cherie came up with the idea. Instead of buying one of those expensive rotary ruler suction thingies for $20-$30 at your LQS (or if you don't have a LQS and want to avoid shipping) you could go down to your local hardware/home improvement store and buy one of these for only $12. Toma-toe, Toma-toh, Ruler Gripper, Elderly Shower Handle. They're exactly the same, except one comes in pretty colors and costs $10-$15 more.

2. Save 20% off a purchase of $40 or more at Fabric.com with the code 'DOD412' (good through April 30th)

3. Save 25% off all Denyse Schmidt fabrics (including Flea Market Fancy) at Quilt Home using the code QHDSFMF' (good through April 30th).

4. Save 20% off your purchase at the Fat Quarter Shop with the code 'AnnaMariaQAL' (good through May 8th).

5.  I also have to give Cherie credit for this one too...she brought it to our retreat and I might have swiped it a time or two (so did Cara). It's called a Strip Stick and it doesn't look like much, but it makes pressing seams SO much easier, and it doesn't pull or distort the fabric while you iron. If you do a lot of smallish piecing (think HST's), bee blocks, or patchwork, you should definitely buy one. I already did :)

6. These labels are technically for labeling jam and other homemade goodies like cookies, but I think they would be adorable if you typed them up and spit them out on printable fabric for quilt labels! 


Well now, that's pretty nifty looking, thanks for pointing it out!

oh that stick looks fantastic! i need to get one!

And is it wrong that I get really excited for Scottie Watch just so I can see that adorable dog with the Sherlock hat and pipe? It's true... I love him.

oo loving the suggestions! Can I just say, I kind of hate how quilting stuff is marketed up so expensively when the same tool is sold @ home depot for 1/2 the price - - I mean I obviously value quilting/sewing - but not everything has to be expensive, does it!? ugh, ok, done w/my soap box.

I feel so much more confident since I've got a suction thingy for holding my ruler down while using the rotary cutter - I live in fear of slicing my fingers off. I didn't buy a quilting one I used a dent puller (you know one of those things that those so inclined, use to pull the dents out of cars?) as recommended by another quilter. Think I paid about £5 which is even less in dollars from a seller on Ebay. It looks just like the quilting one's only mine is bright orange. At least I won't lose it amongst the fabric ;-)

Thank you very much for the coupon codes! I was able to combine it with a gift certificate at Fat Quarter Shop. Thanks!

Yay! Ordered me some DS FMF that was to be missing from Brenda's order. Even got it shipped for free to my US hotel! Am so excited!

Thank you! There's 40% off international shipping at Fat Quarter Shop and with that coupon I saved even more!! :)

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