May 11, 2012

Bookworms Unite

Kindle Cover

I've barely darkened the door of my sewing room the past two weeks, because I have a new addiction. After arguing with Ray that I didn't want a Kindle for the better part of a year because I "prefer the feel of a book in my hands", I finally caved. He was right *sigh*...I don't know when I'll finally accept that he knows me better than I know myself.

So yes, I got a Kindle. And because I have mutant reading powers + a propensity toward tunnell vision, I've read 7 books in the past two weeks. Which is why my sewing room has cobwebs it in...and I haven't even felt tempted to blog...and I don't feel guilty about it at all...

Sewing and books are tied for 1st place as my most loved hobby, and frankly, I owed books some backlogged quality time. I've burned through Insurgent, Bitterblue, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Lost SoulsPrincess of Mars, and Last of the Mohicans (did you know ebooks of Classics are free? FREE I TELL YOU!? God bless public domain I can download and read all the Classics I've been meaning to get to for years...because they're FREE!!!!!)

Kindle CoverThe only thing I've made recently is this cover for my Kindle....and I'll warn you the photos are kinda crappy because I was in the middle of a particularly riveting plotline and couldn't be bothered to worry about the lighting outside or taking extra time for decent photos.

I scoped out dozens of online Kindle cover tutorials before settling on this tutorial from Clover & Violet, because I liked how clean & neat & professional it looked. They makes the cutest things, and the binding looks so much better than birthed edges! I know I'll sound like a jerkface saying this, but I think most (but not all!) handmade iPad/Kindle covers look handmade - lumpy and kinda sloppy - but it sure beats being ripped off and paying $30-$40 (!!!) for a manufactured cover.

  Kindle Cover

I made a few minor modifications because my Kindle was a different size than hers, plus I wanted something a little sturdier since I planned to keep it in my purse at all times (where it was bound to be jostled around quite a bit...I'm rather violent with my purses).

I eliminated the pocket on the right and instead cut two panel pieces for the lining (so I could hide the ends of the two lefthand elastic strips in a seam). I also added a very thick and sturdy piece of interfacing (Pellon Peltex II Ultra Firm) under the right lining piece so my Kindle would rest on a stiffer surface. And then I quilted the front & lining together (stretching the elastic pieces out of the way) before adding the pocket on the left. I love that they included that pocket for cords and whatnot so I can keep everything in one place :)

Kindle Cover

And in case you're wondering about the fabrics, the exterior is one of the Viewfinder prints from Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising, the interior is Essex Linen in Sand, the pocket is a navy dot print from Joann's, and the binding is a Houndstooth print from Denyse Schmidt's Aunt Edna line for Joann's (it looks AWESOME paired with Melody Miller's collections!)

(P.S. If you have the basic Kindle like me and don't feel like doing the math, shoot me an email and I'll send you the dimensions I used for all the cutting!)

Kindle Cover (back)


sweet! did you know you can also loan most kindle books through email? that's pretty rad. and the battery lasts for days and days if you turn the wifi off!

Sigh. I am at odds with e-readers... on one hand they're so cool. But working at a bookstore where I can borrow any book for free... it's so illogical to pay for a book. :) I really love your cover. Have you read the Hunger Games yet? Despite all the hype it really is worth the read. :)

I LOVE kindle! And yes, mine is full of the free classics (and weird stuff my DH reads). I have a bought cover, but was actually thinking of making a cover for the cover, just because, you know, you can...

I have a nook, and having a cover that "opens", does more than protect your device, it give you the feeling of holding a "real" book.

So when you begin quilting and sewing again, you will want fabric markers. Head over and visit my blog for a chance to win some FriXion pens:

i had exactly the same anti-kindle argument you made for the longest time, too! but then i caved . . . i also have a kindle fire now, too, though i still prefer actual books (mainly because i read sooo fast that it gets expensive if i don't use the library!)

So cute!!! Also, I'm glad you're enjoying reading, not sewing and not blogging! A break is good sometimes, definitely. And your new cover is awesome, and probably makes you smile everytime you open your purse!

so, i have been the same exact way. my gramma gave me her old kindle a week ago and i have read three books since. the shades of grey books... i will email them to you if you want... they are soo good but super super super smutty! your mr. will love you for reading them!

My hubs got a fancy schmancy Kindle Fire for Christmas. I got his hand-me-down. But, you know what -- I lurve it! So, pretty please send me those dimensions! (And, check my books read list for this year. Most of them were free downloads on the Kindle. Long live free downloads!)

Wondered where you were. I thought you fell off the edge of the earth. Check with your public library to see if they have access to the digital library through the state library system. Here in AK., better known as the Great White North, I needed a local library card and they gave me a pin number. Then went to the web site and downloaded the software. They have lots of ebooks, audio books, music, etc. I use it all the time on my ipad, where I read your blog and many others. I listen to audio books while driving to town (45 miles) when I go. It works just like library books - they expire when they come due and won't open. I have a choice of downloading for 7,14,or 21 days. I always have a book and an audio book going and listen to it when walking. Love it! Love the retro looking viewmaster fabric - brings back memories.

I have so far refused to give in to the Kindle, it's great to get free books but I rarely buy any anyway because friend's so often lend them to me - I have to admit having so much choice is great and I am tempted if only to make a lovely cover like yours!!

I love your version of this! I could never use an e-reader though. Not only do I love the feel and smell of a book too much, I read way too fast to be constantly scrolling on a screen. Not to mention the cost of the device is too much (offsetting the "free" downloads, imo), especially when I can go to the library and check out as many books as I want.

I like you refused to get one. I finally broke down and am getting one since it will be much more convenient to take on holiday. I've decided to make my own cover as I don't want something that everyone else has. Not to mention the oodles of fabric I have lying around that would suit this purpose. I found your picture on Google and it's exactly what I'm looking for. If you could e-mail the measurements for yours, as I have the basic one too. Thank you!

Another reason to get a Kindle is that some authors are now only doing stories for e-book readers. Sujata Massey is my favourite author and she is now only writing short stories for e-books.

I would love to get your dimensions for cutting. I've been looking for something like this for my son's kindle so the screen doesn't get scratched! Thank you for your generosity! jundiai 98 at yahoo dot com (no spaces)

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