June 21, 2012

How My Garden Grows

So. I haven’t taken many pictures lately, because we’ve been having technical issues in our house. The laptop we use as our main computer died, so we’re down to our prehistoric desktop for the time being. It doesn’t have a port for my SD card, and I lost the cord that connects my camera directly a loooong time ago, so I haven’t had a way to upload photos for a while. Thankfully I picked up a cheapo USB SD Card reader today, so I’m back in business.

What few pictures I have taken are of the miniature garden I’ve been rearing on our front porch. My mom sent me some heirloom variety tomato and pepper seeds a while back, and I’ve managed to not kill 8 of them so far (3 Golden Jubilee, 3 Mortgage Lifter, 2 Bell Pepper). I’m rather endeared to those little plants now, because I feel like they’re from sturdy Irish stock like me since they were tough enough to survive my black thumb. Well done bonnie wee plants, well done... ;)

And that gorgeous Gardenia blossom up top? Well, it also has an extra special place in my heart. My grandparents' favorite flower was the Gardenia – it was one of those signature things about them (kind of like me and Scottie paraphernalia). Everyone in the family bought my grandma Gardenia scented lotions, candles, home sprays, corsages at Easter, etc. And one of my favorite memories about my grandparents as a couple is that whenever my grandpa would take her out on a date, he’d pull the car up to the door for her, and waiting in the passenger seat would be a Gardenia blossom. Everyone knew of their love for Gardenias, so when my grandma passed away at Easter two years ago, a close family friend sent a Gardenia bush from a local nursery in lieu of a flower arrangement. The plant wasn’t doing so well in Kentucky’s climate, so mom and dad gave it to me a year ago to nurse back to health in New Orleans. I have it in a big pot on our front porch and it’s finally thriving (hopefully I’ll be able to transplant it to our yard soon).

I came home from work the other day and knew the first blossom had finally opened, because I could smell it from yards away when I stepped out of the car. Thank God for small blessings :)


that is so sweet! i love gardenias, they really do smell so so good!

The scent from the blossom must be amazing and what a lovely way to remember your grandparents.

That's a lovely way to remember them :)Red and pink roses always always remind me of my Grandparents. Grandad grew roses for my Nan and after he died we always made sure we included a single red or deep pink rose in bouquets for her special occasions. Now they're both no longer with us roses always make me smile :)

now THAT is how romance is done.

When you repot those tomatoes into bigger pots, go deep. Cut off any branches that will be below the dirt and you don't want any branches to drag on the surface of the dirt. The plants will send out roots from the stem and strengthen the plant. You do have to feed and there is plenty of info on line about that. Look for a website called Penny's Tomatoes - lots of advice. I use Miracle Grow tomato food. You can plant basil around the edge of the pots. I have also planted Blue Lake green beans in the edges and they will flow over the sides of the pots. Don't ever let them dry out but they don't like their toes in water either. Make sure they drain well. We are in our third year of tomatoes in our greenhouse - the only way to grow them up here in the Great White North.
BTW, it is my 43rd wedding anniversary today. We had a great day!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gardenias! I feel like I could get drunk in the smell of them :-) That is such a sweet story about your grandparents. BTW--I'm growing a Mortgage Lifter too! It was a little late in the ground but will hopefully produce when my others are done.

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