June 26, 2012

Modern Meadow Quilt Top

I finally finished the quilt top for our guest room! I'm hoping to get it quilted and bound before my sister visits July 10th, which gives me about 2 weeks to get a queen size quilt sandwiched, quilted, and bound (yikes)! Right now I have an antique quilt of my grandmother's in the guest room, and while it's beautiful, it totally clashes with everything else in the room. It's the only bedding I had that was large enough to cover the mattress though, so beggars can't be choosers.

Here's a link to my Pinterest board for the Guest Room if you wanna take a gander at what it's gonna look like. I've already purchased 90% of the things I have pinned, so it's a pretty accurate look at what the final product will be.

The hubs has been keeping a wary eye on me as well, because he knows I want to get the room painted before then too, and he knows I'm madwoman enough to attempt it. Usually my modus operandi in these types of situations is to wait until he's gone for a few hours, and then I strike while he's absent and unable to stop me. I'm hoping to sneak off to Home Depot soon and buy the paint so that I have my ammo ready next time he has to work late, etc *wink*

And I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my original post on this quilt, but in case you're wondering, I used Elizabeth Hartman's Mixtape II Quilt pattern. The solid fabric is Kona Cotton in White, and the prints are all from Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry, with one print from Denyse Schmidt's Picnic & Fairgrounds line from Joann's tossed in there.

I'm going to be backing it with the Majestic Oak in Sunglow print from Modern Meadow, and I haven't decided on a binding yet, but odds are I'll go with the Herringbone in either Pond or Lake...


gorgeous fabric choices! You can do it!!

Checked out your Pintrest page. Your bedroom is going to be lovely. Beautiful quilt.

Love the quilt! It can be done, but don't risk your health!

I just love that DS print thrown in there! It matches perfectly but her style is just enough different from his that it adds a lot of depth to the quilt.

love that fabric line - looks great in this pattern. a very nice quilt. hope you get the room ship-shape before your sister arrives, but don't get too crazy! maybe the hubs should paint the room? :-)

oooo, I love a herringbone binding! This quilt is going to be awesome in your guest room! Good luck with covert painting operations.

Lol, love the guerilla decorating plan :oD

Glad to see those blocks finally made it into a quilt!

Glad to see those blocks finally made it into a quilt!

Oh, it's so pretty. It's good to know what I'll be sleeping under when I come visit. ;) I will never tire of Modern Meadow. NEVER.

Beautiful! I love the fabric and that the pattern seems random.

Very pretty! Your guest room will be a serene oasis!

BEAUTIFUL Kaelin! I am always in awe of your mad skills! I'll have to come visit this fabulous guest room soon! You are inspiring me to start working on baby's quilt!

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