June 29, 2012

Of Foxes & Sponsors

Here's a little preview of a new quilt pattern I'm working on. The quilt top will be nothing but solids, and the lovely Outfoxed print you see in the background will serve as the backing. I'm pretty excited about this one, since it's using my obsessive Navy/Hot Pink combo as of late.

And speaking of solids, I need to announce a new Sponsor, I Don't Do Dishes! My online buddy Caitlin just opened her very own Etsy shop (huzzah!), and she has some gorgeous Michael Miller Color Couture solids & color cards available...

...not to mention bundles & yardage of those yummy new Ombre Dots from Riley Blake.

Caitlin's been involved in the Flickr community for years (you might remember her as McIntyreGirl/idontdodishes) and I've been in several swaps with her, so she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to sewing/quilting needs! Just check out this adorable purse she made for Angela in the last round of the Goodie Bag Swap (sorry....I couldn't pass up an opportunity to show off the supreme cuteness of Favorite Baby. I don't call her Favorite Baby for nothin' !).
Goodie Bag Swap - Received!

I'm thinking I need to make another summer bag out of those green ombre dots to go with my mane of red curls. There is no taming my hair in the humid New Orleans summers, so I usually let it go wild and free from June-Sept. What better than a nice Irish green purse to complete the picture? *wink* She's even got a nice variety of Pellon interfacing available if you're looking to pick up bag supplies :)

Be sure to stop by her shop and support one of our own!!!


oh my sweet girl made it into your post! She's growing up so much! You need to come see her in person and take new pictures.

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