August 30, 2012

Desert Island Fabric (and a giveaway!)

We are alive and unharmed, as is most of New Orleans and the levee system, which did not fail despite national media reports (the media does love to sensationalize/scare the piss out of people)

Our house (and my veggie patch - yay!) is completely unscathed.

And no fabric was harmed in the making of this hurricane.

*giant sigh of relief*

SO. Now that I have power again (seriously, I don't know how people lived before electricity. I was ready to blow my head off after being trapped in my house in the dark for two days while a hurricane raged outside...although I did stage the greatest comeback of all time to destroy Ray at Trivial Pursuit), it's time to get back to blogging, and down to that giveaway I promised you guys. So let's play a little game...

On road trips, my husband and I like to play hypothetical games to pass the time. One of our favorites is the "Desert Island" game, where you have to list 5 items from a particular category that you'd have to live with on a desert island for the rest of your movies, books, foods, etc. Now normally this game is purely hypothetical, but I quickly found out that "Desert Island Fabrics" was becoming a reality as a Category 1 Hurricane headed our way with only two days notice.

  (sorry for the murky photos, but it's been raining all day, our windows are still boarded up, and I needed to get these photos taken before we leave for Disney World tomorrow!)

After about 12 panic attacks and a stop at Home Depot to purchase 8 twenty gallon tupperware bins (which were nowhere near enough to hold all my fabric, by the way *sheepish grin*), I packed up my sewing room, and then was faced with the agonizing decision of which fabric to place in a very small tupperware container to carry on my person in the event of worst-case-scenario (our house is elevated and the area we live in hasn't flooded since the 60's). Yes, I'm that crazy. I literally did not give a flying crap about losing anything else in my house. Didn't pack up any clothes, shoes, photos (they're all backed up on Flickr anyway) or houseware items aside from one change of clothes, the jewelry Ray's given me, my Bible, my bin of fabric, and our important papers. I had everything cinched up in an Orla Kiely laundry sack, ready to roll. And after we boarded up our windows with plywood, we sat around eating perishables and watching TV until the power went out around 2 am on Wednesday.

My desert island fabrics were my Far Far Away bundle, a large cut of my favorite Bohemian print, some Katie Jump Rope prints, small stash of Neptune, Echino bee prints, Henna Garden in Pumpkin, Garden Party Social Climber in Ice, a small piece of vintage fabric from my friend Heather, and all the Japanese fabrics Ayumi has sent me.

Oh...and did I mention my Mendocino layer cake and giant stack of Heather Ross scraps? Yes, I managed to fit all the fabric in both those pictures into a tiny plastic bin. It might have involved lots of muttering, cursing, and eventually me sitting on the lid so the clamps would fit over the ends.

But ANYWHO.....on to the good stuff! First off, I'm going to give one lucky winner some fabric from my stash. Here's how this will work. To enter, leave a comment listing your Top 5 Desert Island fabrics (just because I'm curious). I'll draw a winner, and I'll email said person to find out your likes, dislikes, and which fabrics you most desire in the world but don't yet have. And then I'll put together a custom fat quarter bundle of at least 5 prints, hopefully containing at least one of your ISO ("in search of") fabrics :)

The second giveaway item is this frame purse I made.

You have until midnight on Saturday, September 8th to enter. I will draw a winner when I get back from a well-earned vacation on Sunday the 9th!

Happy commenting :)


YAY!!! Vacation, have a great time. I hope you brought a little project to work on, enjoy. ;-> Toni Anne

Glad to hear that you and your family are okay. My desert island fabrics would be Heather Ross fabric scraps, Denyse Schmidt bits and pieces, ruby, and some assorted Japanese fabrics. I can't imagine how scary it must be to ride out a hurricane.

Glad to hear everything is okay where you are! My desert island scraps would be my yellow Heather Ross fabric with the dogs, Echino bucks with glasses, FMF orange seeds and this adorable pig fabric that I have from Thailand thanks to SMS give away day. I know that is not five but there are my top four.

Glad you are well! My fabrics would be my 2 yards of Liberty, Heather Ross dream bikes yardage, my AMH voiles, and my Neptune WIP quilt (along with my Tula Pink quilts that are finished and my baby's quilts). I don't think all of that would fit into a tiny bin though, lol!

Desert island fabrics: Katie Jump Rope, pezzy prints, my moda wee play stash, Moda Look and Learn Jelly Roll and probably my flea market fancy. When you make me write it all out it seems like way too much! :) Love your stash! Gorgeous!

Hmm I think mine would be floral, vintage, maybe gypsy girl. Honestly though, most of my favorites are things I don't have. I only get designer fabric if I'm in hobby lobby (rarely) and there is a super cheap remnant of a pretty fabric. But I think my number one favorite is called anthill.

Hmmm, I think I would grab my vintage fabric stash first. Those are the only ones you can't replace! Next I'd grab the five yards of aqua chevron half-moon modern I'm saving for a project in the house we're building. It was devilishly tricky to find, and I like Moda's aqua better than Riley Blake's. Next, my stash of Echo, an Alexander Henry print I don't know the name of, and lastly, AMH's Summer Totem.

Gosh, I don't know my fabric by designer really. But I would pick some of my batiks & hand-dyes, a gob of blues (including teal & turquoise), the 3-yard cut of white on white I recently acquired, and, hmmmm, some black & white prints. Maybe.

I'd grab my stash of Meadowsweet (and I know that's way more than five fabrics, but I've had them for ages and I couldn't leave any of them!). If I was allowed another four items I'd choose my new tula pink birds and bees fat quarter stack, my Hope Valley stack, a piece of a gorgeous bird print called 'Woodlands' fabric and a vintage scottie dog fabric!

What a sweet giveaway (in both senses)! My desert island fabrics would be the teeny piece of mendocino that I have, Melody Miller typewriters, two momo It's a Hoot charm packs, and some Echino scooters. Have a fun vacation!

What fun!
My list would include Hope Valley, Katie Jump Rope, Ruby and Heather Ross!

So glad you are ok and that the fabric survived ;-)
My desert island fabric would be my DS stash. I think I have enough of it that it counts as five things (if not 25!)

Glad to hear that you are unscathed. Not sure of the names of all the fabrics I would grab, but definitely the 1001 Peeps FQ's I have been hoarding, some Flock FQ's and then various fabrics that I have bought to make bags with and just haven't got around to yet! It definitely concentrates the mind:)

I'm so relieved to hear you're all ok. I've been thinking about you every time there has been something on the news about the hurricane. We Brits moan about the weather all the while but really we don't have to deal with these major weather systems other countries do!

But if we did have some kind of disaster the fabrics I'm grabbing are:
1) My mendocino. I have a few fat quarters and scraps but I bet I can fold them up real small if I need to evacuate.
2)I'm also grabbing the It's a Hoot Layer cake (I bought in your destash) and the others bits of that line I have because when I get a new sewing machine I'm making my mum a quilt with it. And making her that is really important to me.
3) Sweet water Authentic newsprint text fabric which was the first texty fabric I bought (before I knew that modern fabric has short print runs and so sells out!) and I only have a little bit of it left. I'd be trying to evacuate some other texty prints I have bought too.
4) Joel Dewberry Aviary birds in the purple and turquoise colour way (and I'm sneaking in the cavern colourway too - well they are only half yards and take up practically no space.) Decent purple fabric is rare as hens teeth.
5) Scraps of treasured HR prints I'm unlikely to be able to replace like: Goldfish.

(And as much as I love LOVE all my Denyse Schmidt fabric I reckon I could replace most of it if I really had to. Or maybe I'm kidding myself and actually as I evacuate myself and my fabric I'll actually be wearing most of my fabric cunningly pinned to my person stylin a refugee-fleeing-her-homeland look ;-)

My 5 desert island fabrics would be the ones I have gathered for specific projects, but haven't worked on yet. I have Ten Little Things for a baby quilt for next grandbaby (due in Oct.); various FQs of candy, cupcake, etc. fabrics to make a big girl quilt for granddaughter's 3rd b'day (Jan.); Summersville jelly rolls I am stashing for a quilt for ME!; a set of Oakshott fabrics that are waiting to be made into a wall hanging for my bedroom; Vintage Modern that I am currently using on a BOM project. Now I can cry about the fabrics that are not on my list. Thanks for the chance to win.

What a fun game! I'd bring my full moon forest bundle, treasures and tidbits bundle, a charm pack of mama said sew, a charm of sherbet pips, and as much Denyse Schmidt as I can fit in! Glad you are okay and have fun on vacation!

Glad you're safe and dry! Sir Isaac is going to make it dreary here starting Saturday (or so the weather man says). my desert island fabrics (which is funny, because I actually had a conversation with my husband that in case of disaster, I'd have a plan for the dogs and my favorite fabrics) would be my FQs of Cuzco, a layer cake of Giddy, my charm pack of Northcote range, FQs of Kaffe that I've gathered, and then I'd stuff any gaps with scraps. Most of those fabrics are splurges that I haven't found the "perfect" project for yet, so I'd hate to lose them!
Enjoy your vacation! How can you not at Disney World?

Neptune would be first, Heather Ross munki, munki, Joel. Dewberry Modern meadow, all of my text fabric am not sure I could carry any more I would want to save it all. So glad to hear you are all right I can't. Even imagine the scare of the hurricane.

5? Ouuuu, Seed Catalogue print- love them!! I don't have many HTF prints, but a couple of Heather Ross prints would be there :). Then some sentimental prints- random designers. Then my Farmer's Wife prints- just an array of happy colors, some Harder to find prints. Have a blast on your trip :)!!

Glad to hear you got through well - My desert Island fabric - Ehh I think I would take the my "envelope fabric" with me, It's the FQs and bits and pieces that people sent along in swpas, or that was part of a giveaway and I haven't used it yet, they all stay in their envelopes with the card and a note or a picture of what came along, so I always know from whom I got it. My baby curdory the green and the purple one especially. Can I take a pillow case with me? and I want to take my felted sheep picture - I know they are not fabric, but they would hurt worse than any of the fabric.
Have a relaxing vacation!

Have a great vacation, Kaelin! OK, so thinking about my own stash, my five picks would be (and I'm greedy -- they're mostly bundles -- ha!) My Liberty prints, my KJR, my FMF, my misc AMH stash, and my Heather Ross FFA2. OK, and I'd sneak in a FQ of my favorite Echino print... Ah, but what about the MM transitors? Gah! Don't make me choose! ;)

Flea Market Fancy, Meadowsweet Mendocino other Heather Ross and my Liberty stash

Gosh, I don't even know what I would pick. Probably my Domestic Bliss bundle, some of my text prints, Happy Mochi Yum Yum, and my entire Denyse Schmidt stack. Ha!

Desert island fabrics in my stash:

Mendocino by Heather Ross
All my Denyse Schmidt
All my Tula Pink
My collection of Grinch fabric (for my son)
My two Bliss Jelly Rolls
My collection of Kona so I could STRETCH the collection even further.

Sorry, six instead of five, but it's so hard to decide.

So, so, so glad you, hubby and doggie are okay. Hurricanes are so scary! Thanks for the giveaway and have a great vacation!

So glad that you didn't have any issues and that you are going on your well deserved vaca.

Oh what would I take to my desert island. So much I guess. The top of my list would be my Tula Pink and Denyse Schmidt stash. I also would take my Echo by lotta jansdotter or anything echo like, such as the new Bella {drool}. I would have to say that I would grab any Heather Ross fabrics I can get my hands on because what I have is precious. The other line would be Madrona Road by Violet Craft or something in those colors. I love how these lines make me love colors!

So glad you made it through the storm alright! We have bad storms & tornadoes here, but I can't imagine what it must be like riding out a hurricane.

Ack, it's so hard to pick just 5 things! Definitely my Melody Miller ViewMaster reels, all my Heather Ross goldfish scraps, my Denise Schmidt, my box of special scraps, and some Kona Coal. It goes with everything! :)

i loved this post and i could imagine you standing on that bin trying to get it to close muttering curse words as you did it. ;) ha!

melody miller...every thing i have
my super sacred heather ross
my solids
then i would just cram everything else i could in. it is a mess anyway. ;)

My husband and I play hypothetical games like this too, I love them.
My top 5 would be:
My newly acquired Out to Sea- Sarah Jane
The Sherbet Pips I'm planning a quilt from
What little Denyse Schmidt I have
If I had any Heather Ross- especially the little Goldfishies that would go in the bag
And all my Christmas fabrics (there aren't that many)
Have a great time on your trip and thanks for the giveaway!

Glad you are ok! My list includes my MoMo Winderland layer cake, Hope Valley yardage, Domestic Bliss and Vintage Modern fat quarter bundles, and my flea market fancy!

Glad to hear you are okay, my desert island fabrics would include heather Ross's goldfish, Katie jump rope, Annie's seed text prints, metro circles, and Japanese Lego prints

OMG, what an ordeal! I hope it all ends well for you and your stash.
Do we have to pick Desert Island picks from our current stash? I will assume so...
My mendocino scrap stash from my lovely friend Sarah.
Japanese print (dunno who made it) - very Echino remeniscent, from Singapore
All my bicycle fabric
My AMH and Joel Dewberry voile
FFA2 Owl and Pussycats

Silly girl, I coudn't pick just 5 fabrics, let's talk collections!
1. Half yard bundle of Good Folks
2. My little Folks
3. My munki munki collection (and likely the rest of my HR, Mendochino etc)
4. My FMF bundle... And my KJR, and DS quilts
5. my Liberty of London bundle
Probably enough to sink the rescue ship!! Lol!

Glad to hear you are okay. My fabrics would be all my 30's repros (especially the ones with Scotties on them), my stash of Scottie fabrics (see a theme here?), my solids for my Amish inspired quilt, and my Me and My Sister precuts of Birdie and Amelia.

Did Mr Whiskers mind the storms well?
Thanks for the great give away!
Sandy A

1) Lizzy house pearl bracelet and jewels
2) Nicey Jane welcome road
3) Sanctuary Zen garden
4) Tula Pink birds and the bees
5) Assorted Echino

But I'm always chaning my mind

So good to hear you are well!

1. My Jennifer Paganelli Stash
2. All my Freshcut.
3. My Sandi Henderson Stash
4. Poetica (Pat Bravo) fat quarter bundle
5. Fabric screen printed specially for me by an online friend.

Hmm... from what I have right now...
1) My Central Park lyer cake (for my first newborn baby, still years away from that!)
2) Terrain Fat 1/8ths bundle
3) Impressions FQ bundle
4) My purple stash
5) Pearl Bracelet FQs!

Hope you have a great vacation!

Glad you made it through in one piece!
1. Tula Pink Prince Charming stash
2. Lizzy House scraps (mostly outfoxed)
3. Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi
4. Heather Ross Mendocino bits
5. Melody Miller typewriters

My desert island fabrics would probably be some vintage Hawaiian prints that I have stumbled upon over the years, as well as an older OOP Michael Miller fabric called Underwater Divas - the best mermaid fabric I have ever had
Have a great vacation! I've done the hurricane watch here in Hawaii (also tsunami) and it's no fun!

I have a very small stash, so hypothetically I could take it all with me, but if I had to choose...
1. The two Flea Market Fancy fabrics I have
2. The fat quarters of A Walk in the Woods I'm hoarding
3. Pink Eiffel Tower fat quarter (I don't know who makes it)
4. Nostalgic candy fabric my mother gave me.
5. My new charm pack of Oh Deer by MoMo

My picks would be:
1) AMH Voiles and Velveteens from Garden Party, Loulouthi and Innocent Crush
2) A mix of the boldest prints from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Nicey Jane
3) Some Little Kukla prints
4) Some cotton ginghams (red and yellow are my favorites)
5) Some Echino florals and birdies!

My desert island fabrics are my newly acquired fat quarter pack of Castle Peeps, the Amy Butler mixed bundles, some fq's of Stitch Organic and my hexie precuts of Etchings and Good Fortune

Glad you're safe and well! All my DS scraps, all the fabric for my rose star blocks because I have to finish them!!, AMH, my retro prints I've been collecting and the little bit of Tula Pink I have - that actually counts as a lot but seriously I HAVE to have these!!
Enjoy your vacation :)

I'm currently in a solids I'd take some moda crossweaves that are OOP, a Few shot cottons, I have about 5 vintage feed sacks I couldn't abandon, Kizzy house pearl bracelets, AH bite size....ok that is it...a good selection if I must resort to mixing in leaves, raffia and other nature fibers!
Glad you braved the storm!
Crazy storm came thru IN in June and we were withou power for FIVE days in 100 degree weather, not fun!
Enjoy castle land.

At my wedding, guests signed quilt blocks, I've got them pieced together, I just need to finish quilting them...this would be what I grabbed in place of my five fabrics. I would need to grab a needle, thread, scissors, and a thimble along with it.

homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Have a great vacation! Wow, just five fabrics. Kona snow, HR Wildflowers in Pink, DS FMF grey seeds, Summersville Brush Strokes in coal, and I would include a large piece of batting, can that count!

I'm glad to hear you're ok. We don't have as violent weather over here as you're used to, I don't think I'd cope!

I find this a hard question to answer. I don't have much covetable fabric, so I'd save my Pure FQs, I think I have 6, the remains of my Ruby and Bliss layer cakes and... that's it! I'd just cram whatever else fitted in!

I'm glad the hurricane left you unscathed (and a Trivial Pursuit champion!). If I were planning to take only my top 5 fabrics out of my collection it would be my AMH pastry voiles, a few pieces of Prince Charming, my Melody Miller prints, my favorite print from Park Slope by Erin McMorris, and my Echo scraps. In all actually, I might be more tempted to save the quilts and quilt tops I have made and leave the uncut fabric behind (since most of it can be replaced). Thanks for the fun game though!

So glad you didn't have to implement rogue cattle hunting by crossbow! These comments are very entertaining. I guess I never get as attached to fabric (or maybe because I have so damned much of it I don't have favs?). Honestly, if disaster was coming, I wouldn't take any fabric along. I have far too many other precious things I'd want, like finished projects, photo albums, family jewelry. However, in the spirit of the post, here are the 5 things I'd grab:
-my selvage collection (if for no other reason to remind me of the yardage I'd left behind)
-my new Petit Odile FQ stack (first ever FQ stack purchased)
-all Echino rolled on comic book cards, just 'cause it cost me a small fortune
-Every scrap of Kaffe Fasset I've got because I've been collecting it for years and never do anything else with it. It's gotta come along if for no other reason than to keep building on the collection.

(and just for the record, if the Random Number Generator gods shine favorably on me, I would really, really love your beautiful pouch. I'm a total chicken and haven't tried to make a frame purse yet, and there are obviously commentors here who NEED more fabric more than I do, hehe).

It's great that you and your family are fine!:) I currently have not much stash because I just started sewing so I have no desert line fabrics (yet) heheh

Hi Kaelin Glad to hear you and Ray and your home came through the storm okay. We were without power for 5 days in Feb. Our place turned into neighborhood cold storage to help two neighbors who were out of town with our extra freezer and frig space. My desert island fabric would be a little bit of Laural Burch Basics cotton print pastel perfect with fanciful felines. It's not really pastel more like tan/orange/gold/turquoise/ purple/blue stripe. There is just something about this fabric, if you know what I mean. I found a place on line that still has some so I need to get that ordered before they sell it all. Also, I would grab my black Kona cotton and bright batiks - I still have to make the shams to go with the bento box wedding quilt I handed over in July. I don't even have a picture of it because the weather was so bad before we left. I am waiting for my son to send me a picture. I didn't even know anything about the designers until I started reading blogs. I am currently reading my way through your friend Angela's Cut to Pieces. She has the second cutest little girly - the cutest is my GD Olivia, of course. Maybe some day I will have the guts to make a DWR - that is how I found your blog in the first place.

So glad you, your home and your fabric stash is okay!! This is an interesting ponderable. Here is my list: my Hope Valley stash, my Central Park scraps, my Hush-a-Bye stash, my Chocolate Kona Crush yardage, and two older Bee in My Bonnet lines that I scoured the internet for and believe I got the last of!

In my stash right now, what would I rescue, bring to desert island?
1. My small scrap of HR goldfish
2. My collection of HR spoonflower prints including crickets
3. Anna Maria Horner Good Folks
4. Anna Maria Horner Drawing Room
5. Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush

Oh you can see my love for AMH!

I'm glad to hear you made it through ok! We get wind storms up here, but they're little salamanders compared to those godzilla hurricanes.

It's funny I don't think I have that much in my stash that I'd really feel the need to haul out if the house was on fire, etc. Definitely my sewing machines and my Liberty bits, but that's about it. So instead I'm going to play desert island stash, which is kind of like desert island discs in that it's a list of the fabric I'd want with me if I were stranded and only had five to play with until I was rescued.

1. heath in grey
2. madrona road writing on white
3. a big bag of Liberty scraps
4. Anna Maria Horner loulouthi totem, the one with the white background
5. can I have a big bag of solid scraps, too?

have a great vacation! Chelsea

Oh, scary. I'm glad you were able to protect your fabric!
Let's see:

1. Essex Linen in Steel Gray
2. Maya triangle or scattered flowers
3. Modern Meadow Harringbone in Navy
4. AMH Festival or Filigree
5. Lizzy House Jewels in any color


Not easy ;)

Kate Spain fabrics! Like Central Park
Kona Cottons (hehe, not bad)
Essex Linen
1001 Peeps
Oval Elements

Ohmygosh- this is so fun. I was talking about this recently when I was thinking about moving to a region that was recently hit by a lot of wildfires.
1. AMH Cathedral in dusk and pink
2. all of my lined paper fabrics (cosmo cricket, Patty young lush, a timeless treasures one, etc.)
3. JD woodgrain in bark
4. AB Lotus wallflower in all the colors that I have
5. Japanese peter pan and snow white on double gauze
Fun topic for sure.

Hello Dear, glad to hear that no harm came your way. Im pretty excited about your giveaway. I stay in Dubai where one cannot find many designer fabric available. Though I was lucky to work with fabric designed by Riley Blake and Sue Marsh. I dream to make great things with prints like Robert Kauffman, Heather Ross, Anna maria Horner, Sarah Jane or Japanese fabric.

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