August 2, 2012

Juggling Act

I have about a million different projects I'm working on right now, and none of them are small, but hopefully I'll have some big things to show you in the next week or two!

Part of my problem is that as soon as I think I've got a handle on my side projects and I can get back to my main ones, somebody else gets preggers. My friends are breeding like rabbits right now! And to top it all off, none of them live remotely close to me, which means I have to finish their quilts at least a week ahead of the shower deadline so I have time to mail it off. Teleportation would make my life sooo much easier *sigh*

Hexagon Park WIP

I'm using Lynn's fab Hexagon Park pattern, minus the sashing.

And to those of you I've heard lament over the lack of cute 'boy' fabric over the years, I finally say "I get it". This is the first baby quilt I've made for a boy, and it was dang hard finding fabric I liked. I finally settled on using the blue section of the 1/2 yd bundle of 1001 Peeps I ordered from Brenda @Pink Castle Fabrics back in the day, with some Pez, Riley Blake, and stray Pearl Bracelets mixed in....don't know why, but I can never make myself commit to using only one fabric line in a quilt...just can't do it. I blame it on the non-conformist red hair. Side note: I wear it curly/wild 'n' free during the sweltering NOLA summers, and I've been told I look like Janis Joplin by no less than 3 people in the past month. Not quite sure what to think of that.

Hexagon Park WIP

Also, I've been busy with other domestic goodness (not to mention watching about 5 hours of Olympic coverage per day).  Remember my lowly container of seeds? Well they've now been transformed into the garden you see below, courtesy of one handy husband, 8 bags of dirt, and about 12 buckets of my sweat.

Being the genius that I am, I decided to transplant my veggies on a day with a heat index of 108. By the time I was done dumping sand, dirt, and plants into this thing, I was a sweaty beast and actually turned the hose on myself and just stood there cooling myself like a warthog at a watering hole - clothes, iPod and all. I have no regrets. You'll understand if you've ever been to the Gulf South during August.

New Raised Veggie Bed!

I still have 3 basil plants plus 3 Mortgage Lifter and 3 Golden Jubilee tomato plants, but sadly only one bell pepper plant made it off my front porch alive - he's majestic though, is he not? And he smells peppery and delicious, even though the blossoms haven't turned to baby peppers yet.

Mmm...fresh veggies soon...

New Raised Veggie Bed!


You should put in a pack of birth control for you buddies along with the quilt. j.k!!! Babies are great (sometimes)

Oh my gosh! The same thing is happening to me! So far, my friends have had about 7 babies this year (something around there!) and I know a couple more! My goodness! I feel your pain!! Just think, those are all people who will return your favor when you have a little baby!!

Sukie! this comment make me laugh out loud!

well at least we know Amy/Sukie is a mom so she is only slightly biased. lol I'd like to see Kaelin get enough birth control prescriptions for her friends. Because then I would want to know who her dealer is. ;)

Mmm. Fresh veggies. Oh, Sukie. Her tweets bring me constant laughter. ;)

I miss you, Janis!!

I do come from Eastern Kentucky Angela, lol. It wouldn't be all that hard for me to procure that much of ANY kind of controlled substance.

Side note: I wish they made birth control tasty, because it would be THAT much easier to remember if it were tasty like Flinstones vitamins or those chocolate Calcium chews.

great fabric choices!
and baby quilts are the best...
good luck with the garden!

They used to make chewable oral contraceptive pils...not sure if they still do, but I know the feeling of being a sweaty warthog! Love your little garden :-)

ooohhh Flintstones vitamins, yum!!!
I look forward to seeing your hexagon park, I enjoyed doing that pattern. Love the fabrics you've chosen x

I have Lynn's Hexagon Park in my lineup of projects too. It will be for granddaughter so fabric selection won't be such a challenge like you faced. By the way, I think you need OLDER friends who won't be reproducing. I am available.

You're hilarious! Good luck with the gifts. When I found out I was pregnant again, I thought I'd turn into a crafting machine...nope, hasn't happened and with only two months left, I don't seem my energy levels rising. Kudos to you on your productivity! And that pepper plant IS majestic. My poor garden turned to mostly to dust a couple weeks ago.

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