August 13, 2012

Peep Culture Quilt

I got a bad case of tunnel vision this weekend, and managed to finish this quilt yesterday afternoon. I used Lynn's Hexagon Park pattern, and I'm incredibly happy with the way it turned out. First of all, I love that there's virtually no fabric waste with this pattern, and I also love that it gives you big shots of the prints you select. That last part was really important to me, since this quilt was fabric-centric - I chose the quilt pattern based on what I hoped would show off the fabric best, instead of vice versa.

The fabric is mostly from Lizzy House's 1001 Peeps line, with a few Pearl Bracelet prints mixed in from other lines of hers, a Riley Blake print (Cheery Circles in Red), and Mono Pez in Red. I also used the Riley Blake print for the binding, and the sashing is Essex Linen in Sand. The backing is a DS Quilts print from the first line she did for Joann's - Picnic & Fairgrounds.

True story: when I was sprawled on the floor of my sewing room trying to pick a fabric to use for the back, I randomly thought of the scene in Stepbrothers when Will Ferrell has the daydream of busting in his psychiatrist's living room dressed as a lumberjack and shouts "I've travelled 500 miles to give you my seed!". And I thought it would be hilarious to back my friend's quilt in a swarthy plaid because of that. I will be silently smirking to myself when she opens it up at her baby shower...originally I was going to mail it, but now it looks like I'll be able to smirk in person.

"I've travelled 500 miles to give you my seed!"

She has a pretty irreverent sense of humor like me, so I'll probably let her in on the inside joke sometime when we're not in a room full of her family members.


Ah the visual...sprawled on your floor...Will Ferell traveling to bring his seed. Lumberjack plaids. Oh you plaid scotty you!

ha ha ha! totally awesome! xoxo

Great quilt! I love this pattern!

It's such a great quilt. And I love the stepbrother's reference. Perfect! It's cool that you get to deliver it in person; that's always more fun!

This looks awesome! The plaid is perfect.

Very nice and I love that quote!

That made me giggle! The quilt is beautiful and a perfect backing :)

You are hilarious... :)
great quilt friend! super cute!

(and P.S. -- I've been singing "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more..." all morning)

It's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing - I have linked to this post on my blog at!

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