August 17, 2012

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

1. How fabulous is this rainbow hexie floor mat tutorial from Sew Fantastic? I need to talk my friend Angela into making one for Favorite Baby immediately.

Photo by Terri @ Sew Fantastic

2. My friend Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics is having an awesome clearance sale on her website right now. She has almost 12 pages of fabric and most of them (e.g. Summerville, Hope Valley, Walk in the Woods, Flea Market Fancy, Hello Pilgrim) are only $5/yard!! I scored some Innocent Crush voile for $8/yard, some Japanese linen blends, and a Midwest Modern dot that I love (but ran out of a while ago).

She also just got in a bunch of new lines like Chicopee, Field Study and Nursery Versery.

3. Here are some great coupon codes: Whipstitch is currently offering 30% off their entire store with the coupon code LIQUID, and QuiltHome just got the Out to Sea line in and is offering 15% off on all Sarah Jane fabrics (including Children at Play) with the code QHSJFP (good through Monday 8/20).

4. If you're looking for cool handmade holiday gift ideas, my friend Ali has an adorable pattern in the new issue of Stitch. I usually bake mini cakes in mason jars and decorate them with twine and tags made from scrapbook paper, because they're great as inexpensive (yet nice) holiday gifts for acquaintances and coworkers. But thanks to Ali, I'm gonna be switching it up this year and putting homemade cocoa mix inside, paired with her canning jar sleeves (aka mason jar koozies)!

Side note: how cute would it be to tote these to a football game and sip them in the cold? *sigh* I miss watching football games in the cold, freezing your butt off on the aluminum bleachers while eating Walking Tacos.

 Photo by Ali at a(squared)w

5. I love the Lavender scented Best Press, but I go through it like crazy and it's always hit or miss whether my local shop has it in stock or not. If you want to try making your own, here's a good recipe for it:

2 cups distilled water
2 ounces vodka
20 drops lavender essential oil

Pour into a spray bottle and shake. Good to go! (p.s. if you're thinking about pouring it directly in your iron, check the instructions first because some irons don't handle distilled water very well).

6. Sir Whiskers demanded I include a blurb on what he has dubbed "the greatest fabric line of all time" (thanks for the tip Tracey). I might just have to agree with him since it involves houndstooth Scotties. Freaking HOUNDSTOOTH SCOTTIES!!! Be still my heart. It's called Great Scotts and you can purchase a FQ bundle here if you want to be cool like me and Whiskers. I already ordered mine and he's going to have his own quilt come Christmas ;)

AND....*drumroll*...I got a fun surprise in the mail from Laura Gunn yesterday! She sent me a charm pack of her new line Cosmos, as well as charms of the coordinating Painter's Canvas solids. LOVE!

These two little guys have to be my favs. I'm picturing little girl dresses, seersucker, and pigtails *sigh*

Gonna have fun playing with these this weekend :)


Oh Kaelin, I love your Scottie Watch! Except it always costs me money ( or SAVES me money, as I explain to the hubs). CANNOT believe the GreatScots line, how freaking perfect! Lucky Whiskers :)

Great Scotts is absolutely PERFECT for you. Or for Whiskers. Or both.
I'm so in love with the new Laura Gunn! I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Oh, no, way too many links I need to check out!

But you might want to check your spelling on mason jar cozies. I don't think you meant to write what you did!


I think favorite baby needs Auntie Kaelin to make her that pillow ;)

so glad I could help make Whiskers' day. ♥
And I love your Scottie Watch, but you know that. ;)

oh boy, thanks for alerting me to all these sales. damage was done :)

So much going on! My wallet officially hates Scottie Watch!

I am sure Sir Whiskers loves that line. I can totally see him curled up on a handmade quilted dog bed cover made by his own Mom. When are they going to come out with a line for Golden Retrievers for my Axl?

Oh my goodness, the Great Scotts! Thanks for a heads up, I am also a Scottie owner. Come over for a visit at Ladybug Dreams sometime!


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