August 26, 2012

Three Things

#1 - My scrap bins are overflowing, so I put together 6 scrap packs for my Etsy shop and was pretty liberal with them - there's a ton of fabric in each pack! I made a red, yellow, green, blue, pink/purple, and a rainbow solids scrap pack. All are $10 + FRE (flat rate envelope) shipping - click here to get to my shop. Oh! (almost forgot) you can use the coupon 'PLAIDSCOTTIE10' for 10% off anything in my shop.

#2 -  I just realized it's been FOREVER since I've had a giveaway, so I'll be remedying that later this week before I go on vacay (and I'll announce the winner when I get back). Haven't decided what I'm going to give away yet, but it will definitely include a bundle of fabric from my stash and a handmade item (leaning toward a metal frame pouch).

#3 - This photo is hilarious.


Love the scraps! I just bought a box off someone else. Other peoples scraps are so great. Have a relaxing vacation.

Hey long time, no read! I'm going to head deeper into your older posts to see what you've been up to. My blog reading has become pathetic. Bad follower, Bad follower! Have an awesome vacay. Oh, and about that recent invite, I am also SUPER pathetic on that platform!

hahahaha! love the swan! A great start to monday morning :-D

i have been watching parks and rec on netflix and i am in love with ron swanson. he is hilarious! "i was born ready, i'm ron fu**ing swanson"

Have you seen that Ron Swanson black and white squares quilt? Can't remember whose blog it is on. They haul it around and take pictures of it outdoors in all kinds of places. Hilarious! N

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