September 22, 2012

Craft Book Month: Patchwork Pot Holder

It's Craft Book Month over at Craft Buds! All month long Lindsay has been celebrating all things craft book related, and I hope you guys have been following along, because there have been some really great projects and prizes popping up on her site!

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

I don't know 'bout you, but I love craft books. Yes, pdf patterns are super cheap and convenient for all involved, but there's just something about having a book in your hands. Touching the smooth pages, admiring the beautiful photography...sometimes when I want to relax, I'll curl up on the sofa and flip through my sewing books with no real intention of picking out a project - I just like to look at the pretty pictures!

So when Lindsay first contacted me about participating in Craft Book Month, I had grandiose plans of finally picking one of those super complicated and gorgeous projects I'd dogeared in my many sewing/quilting books...but in the end, I went with something much more practical.

You see, shortly after I received her email, I had to do a lot of baking (remember the great birthday cake disaster of 2012?). And as I pulled out my go-to pot holder (see above), I took one long look at it, and had an internal dialogue: "Self? Why do you continue to use such utterly disgusting pot holders?"  I've published two patterns in magazines for pot holders/oven mitts, and yet I have the most abhorrent ones known to man. Pot holders so grotesque, that I sometimes hesitated to touch them. If I could invent an adhesive that was half as strong as the bond of food bits that had managed to cling to that pot holder through years of repeated washings, I'd be a millionaire.

So I finally decided to make a pot holder, and not give it away for a change. I'd been drooling over some pot holders from Zakka Sewing for a while, so yanked out my copy and flipped to the pattern. pretty....want to touch....

And now when I make my morning tea, I have something pretty to look at :)

This week ends the blog hop, but make sure you guys continue to check in on Craft Buds through the end of the September, because there are still some great giveaways going on until the 30th!


Really neat. Thanks for sharing.

I should have some pot holders because I use tea towels for everything like that. Pot holders would be so much nicer - but could I use lovely fabric one's knowing how messy they'd end up?

self...why are you so amused by everything Kaelin writes? Because self, she is freaking hysterical. Now tell her to get her cute butt up to Indiana and break me from my solitary sewing!

That potholder needs to burn a slow death. Euwwww. I lurve your shiny new one very much, but had I seen an image of the previous ick, I might have notified the health authorities Kaelin.

Beautiful potholder! I should make one like that... my potholders look about as terrible as your old one. :)

Your potholder is fantastic, much better than my crappy attempt!

Love it! This is one of my favorites from the book--thanks for hopping along!

So nice! I think I might have to make some for myself now... I got a good laugh from your potholder description :o) I too tend to give away everything I make... stop the madness! make (and keep) a potholder!

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