September 10, 2012

Extreme Sewing

Two weeks ago when we were getting everything prepped for Hurricane Isaac, I decided to round up a few extra things for a special project I'd been putting off for over a year. I figured I was already pawing through my precious Heather Ross fabric hoard anyway in my 'desert island fabric' frenzy, so why not? Plus I knew the power would go out at some point and I'd be bored out of my gourd without something to pass the time, so I printed and cut a pile of 2" hexie forms and got my scraps in order.

Between sewing by flashlight in the middle of a hurricane, and sewing in the passenger seat of our car during a 10 hour car trip to Orlando, I managed to finish all but one row. I'm going to sash it in linen, do a little hand quilting with purl thread, and hang it on my sewing room wall to make me happy while I work!

Nothing revolutionary...just another HR hexie mini arranged in a color gradient...but sometimes simple is nice. Plus rainbows make me happy. As do whimsical HR fabric snippets :)

Lately, I find I'm looking forward to a lot of simple pleasures now that Fall is on its weather, crunchy leaves, the sights and smells of holiday baking, the new squash plants popping up in my garden, and maybe an early screening or two of Elf *wink*

I love Fall.


Ok, yeah it's simple, but it's also undeniably cool. And I bet every piece has a story of a swap or months spent scouring etsy or lucky finds in a bargain bin, so every time you glance at it you'll be reminded of those stories. That's the really cool part!

just wonderful- yummy fabric and rainbow-y goodness! LOVE it!!

what a fab selection of fussy cut hexies, I love rainbow gradients too, here's hoping they live forever!

Love these hexies, and I'm glad you're back!!

Beautiful hexies!! Elf is just the best film!! I love Autumn too (can't bring myself to say fall, sorry!!) ;) xxx

Such pretty hexies all in rows. I like your idea for them, too!

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