September 24, 2012

State Love Pillows (aka Pillow Mania)

State Love Pillow

I blame my friend Cherie for this new bout of pillow mania that's slowly spreading throughout the greater New Orleans area. She recently posted some cute Louisiana & Mississippi patchwork pillows on Facebook, and I latched right onto the idea because I needed a nice present to send my mom for her birthday. I even decided to add a little heart over my hometown (and their current abode) - London, Kentucky.

Well...after posting it on Facebook myself and showing a few people the goods in person before mailing it, I had a mini-epidemic on my hands. State pillow mania had spread from Cherie, to me, to my immediate friends & family.

State Love Pillow

And within the span of one weekend I managed to whip up 2 more for friends, with orders for several more on the way - yay! I'm really excited about them because it gives me a great chance to use up the scraps in my overflowing bins, they match just about any decor, plus they're super fun to make (my favorite part is appliqueing the heart over their hometown)

Here's one I did for my good friend & former college roomie, Dana (yes - she's the same Dana I have annual craft swaps with). She hails from Cincinnati, Ohio - home of Skyline Chili and goetta. Mmmm...goetta....

State Love Pillow

And of course, no true Texan is going to sit back and take it while someone makes pillows of states besides Texas (I think state superiority must be engrained in every Texan's DNA at birth), so I had to whip one up for our good friends that live two streets over (lest they and their beloved state feel!).

State Love Pillow

They hail from Odessa - home of dust, tumbleweeds, and scary thunderstorms.

State Love Pillow

In case you know of anyone that might be interested in ordering one for their home (or early Christmas presents), I have listings up in my Etsy shop now! I have a listing for a 12" x 16" custom State Love pillow sham for $35, and a listing for an 18" x 18" custom State Love pillow sham for $50 - all you need to do upon checkout is specify which State and City you'd like on your pillow :)

I'm also going to start offering Country pillows soon, using the exact same design. (I'm currently making a pillow of Wales for my husband's coworker and his wife - he's Welsh and moved to the States a few years ago after meeting her.  They're getting ready to move into a new apartment and I thought it would be a nice housewarming gift :) )


Well now I need to make an Ohio one too!! These are awesome!

so great. :)
cute stuff Kaelin. I like the little heart too.

Oh, I love these! Awesome, K!! <3

My paremts are Texans so of course now that I know these exist I'll have to make one!

Your Texas pillow makes me swell with Promised Land Pride -- I feel like I should bust out in the State song....

But speaking of Texas, have you seen the movie Bernie? Watch it. You'd love it. And it's from a teeny town near my hometown, so I can verify it's veracity.

Love these Kaelin! If you make Alaska you will need to make it about three pillows wide you know. We are a big state - even bigger than Texas!! Dig, dig! First snow flurries on Friday. That is unusual for where I live in the "banana belt" of the state. We have frost every morning now. We pulled the tomato plants up in the greenhouse yesterday. I pickled all my little greenies today. I'll send you the recipe if you want it. Easy peasy! N

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