September 25, 2012

Weekender Jewelry Pouch

Weekender Jewelry Pouch

I'm super excited to announce I have a new pattern available in my shop!

I don't know if you guys remember me posting about this a few months ago, but I've really been trying to focus on getting my Etsy shop off the ground as part of my master plan to transition from corporate job to eventual stay-at-home mom.
Part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much of late is because I've been working on several different behind-the-scenes patterns & projects, and I haven't had as much time to work on outside things that I can share with you guys :(

New Pattern: Weekender Jewelry Pouch

I'm really jazzed about this pattern because not only does it require minimal materials (3/4 yd interfacing and a total of 3/4 yard of fabric), but it comes together in a snap. Including cutting, it usually takes me less than an hour from start to finish. 
And since it doesn't require a lot of time or materials, I'm making these as my go-to gift for Christmas this year - my goal is to whip up about 20 or so to gift to friends, co-workers, and as stocking stuffers for my family :)

New Pattern: Weekender Jewelry Pouch

It's great for travel - especially weekend trips (hence the name) when you only need to stash a couple necklaces and a few pairs of earrings. Its size makes it perfect for storing in small carry-on bags (or in your purse if you're like my grandma and think everyone's out to steal your jewelry, lol!) [Completely random side story, but my grandma was occassionally known to hide valuables in her bra because she'd had a double mastectomy when she was in her 40's and there was nothing in her bra but padding anyway. One of my favorite memories about her is that she would always slip my sister and I a $20 when we were leaving her house, and many times those bills were discreetly pulled from her bra as we were getting in the car...LOL! Now you guys know where I get some of my delightful eccentricity from *wink*]

And I actually use mine on a daily basis to store my jewelry for work - since I exercise in the mornings and shower + dress at the gym, I coordinate my outfit and accessories the night before and tuck my pouch in my gym bag with my clothes.

The finished pouch measures 13.5" in diameter when laid flat, and I'm selling the PDF pattern for $6. You can purchase it on Etsy, or if you'd prefer to download the pattern immediately after purchase, you can also get it from my Meylah shop

Here are some other cute versions you can check out! A big thanks to my friends Kristie (bottom left pouch), and Kelly (bottom right pouch) for pattern testing, and also to Ali for being Queen of Adobe Illustrator and putting the templates together for me. I heart you ladies!


So glad you got the pattern for this sorted. Love the one you made me. Any yay I'll be able to blog about it properly and link up to your shop ;-)

aw, we heart you, too! great pattern, I loved it!

Oh my awesomeness- what a great idea and so stinkin' cute, to boot :) You are amazing- your transition will be wonderful!! Have a great one, my friend!

awesome awesome pattern kaelin!

So cute ! I'll be getting one, but for a different reason; looks like the perfect size for USB keys and other computer work gadgets ^^

I'm sorry I didn't get mine made in time, but I just finished! I'm about to post pics on flickr. It's such a cute pattern! And it really was simple (except for the dang buttonhole; I've never used my machine's automatic buttonhole, so that was something new to me!

I'm excited for your plan, and I heart you!

Such an awesome pattern, Kaelin! You are just so clever!

Kaelin, I used to have a black velveteen pouch like this. I used it all the time I traveled. I loved it, but it was too dark to see the jewelry inside. I misplaced it this summer, and just found your pattern. I immediately made two for myself out of my fat quarter stash. I loved making it so much, that I made a dozen this past week for holiday gifts. It is so much fun to combine fabrics and ribbons and make these gifts! Thanks so much for a great pattern. They look so cute together, I could keep them all - but I won't!

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