October 19, 2012

Paul Blart: Thong Cop

I have the best lunch break adventures EVER!

Yes, that is a motorcycle cop digging through the thong bins at Target. You're welcome, and Happy Friday.

Although, I can't imagine thongs would be convenient for motorcycle riding, because you'd be prone to whale-tailing something fierce.

Also, I like to pretend he moonlights as a Village Person when he's not on duty, and he was on the phone with his band member that dresses like a Cowboy.

I had totally forgotten about this event until I randomly came across the photo in my Flickr account last night. The incident occurred back in March, and I was on my lunch break. Thank goodness Ray wasn't with me because he never would have allowed this photo to happen. In situations like this he's all like "no, no, NO! Inappropriate!" and I'm all like "yes, yes, YES! CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED!". Compound that with the fact that the subject in question was a cop, and Ray probably would have tackled me to the floor and stomped on my phone to prevent it.

Personally, I don't think he gives me enough credit for my camera-phone-stealthiness. I'm pretty good. "Oh don't mind me officer...I'm just another soccer mom browsing for granny panties." Snap.

**Shout out to my friend Michelle for coming up with this genius Post title**


I can't really make it out in the picture - are we talking thong as in the British use of the word - pants, knickers, g-string? or the Aussie version - flip flops? I don't know what you use the word for in the States! I do hope it's knickers...

Ahahahah!!! Totally something I would take a picture of too!

AMAZING! I am like you - you get that photo no matter what the consequences are. Your friend is awesome for that title too. Thanks for sharing this gem. And yes totally the village people on his non-target days.
Happy Friday!

This made me laugh out loud. :-)

Love this pic!! Totally has me laughing on what is a grey rainy day in Ohio. :)

He's a little too paunchy and balding (they call that a solar panel for a love machine) to be in his costume as a bachlorette party stripper. Besides he's in the wrong dept. or store for men's thongs. At least he's not doing the Hancock fabric thing. Not enough cover! N

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